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How to threat the cold

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Woman ColdIt turns out that many of the usual and popular procedures are carefully followed when treating their colds are actually harmful – popularity does not ensure adequacy of treatment! Consider the fundamental mistakes that many people away.
1. Is it useful to at live well and sweat?
Definitely not. Wrap up in warm blankets, we maintain artificially high external temperature, thermal damage of the body. Therefore, increased workload on the heart and vessels, which can cause palpitations, shortness of breath and increased blood pressure. The temperature can be reduced most effectively by a rub with cool water or cold compress on the forehead.
2. Is it necessary to “keep the bed?
No cause sneezing or coughing person to be bedridden. With continued lying reduces ventilation of the lungs and bronchi, and they can start congestive phenomena. And considering that the infection has the ability to “run” down to the airways, the risk of getting bronchitis or inflammation of the lungs is greater in those at all cannot get out of bed. So the patient can safely walk, but at home. The only thing we have to keep is current.

Bronchitis can be dangerous

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Woman caughtCold, damp air and weakened immunity are constant companions of bronchitis. That is why in winter it is one of widespread diseases. Bronchitis is inflammation of the lining of the bronchi caused by infection. It may occur alone, for example, after a walk of cold wind, or be a complication from another illness – flu, Orville, pharyngitis. The first signs of bronchitis are scratch in the throat and hoarse voice, and then these symptoms to be added and dry cough, which increases at night. After 3-4 days it becomes wet. Sometimes when bronchitis is increased temperature, but which is rarely very high. If the disease occurs severely, may appear shortness of breath and pain in the ribs. The median duration of disease was about two weeks when the patency of bronchial cough and recover passes. If bronchitis is not treated, it can become chronic. Chronic bronchitis is a serious disease that often exacerbates, the lungs gradually sclerosing posed pulmonary failure, and shortness of breath at the slightest load, pathological changes in heart (sclerosing lungs can not saturate the blood with oxygen). Among the complications of acute bronchitis are serious diseases such as pneumonia and emphysema of the lungs. In the first stage of disease when coughing is accompanied by wet phlegm, medicines can intensify inflammation of the mucous membrane. During this stage should be taken warm milk, hot tea, warm mineral water. The great quantity of fluids helps to thin the phlegm and removal of toxins from the body. But if you have heart problems, asthma, psoriasis or eczema, you better refrain from such treatment.

How to prevent our health from cold

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

ColdWith the onset of colder autumn days significantly increased the amount of colds and infectious diseases. How to strengthen your immunity and to resist cold?
1. Take vitamins
Vitamin C is needed to stimulate the body’s defense mechanism. His shortage inevitably leads to susceptibility to disease. Many vitamin C contained in citrus fruit, kiwi, red pepper, fresh fruits and vegetables. If you or your doctor decide, take a multivitamin or extra vitamin C tablets. Other important vitamins for immunity are those of group C, contained mostly in meat, fish and eggs. Brewer’s yeast also enhances immunity. Propolis has a toning and regenerative property.
2. Saltwater nasal
Spray with sea water (twice daily – morning and evening) use in the treatment of fever, but is useful for prevention of colds, flu and viral diseases.
3. Wash your hands often to
Viruses causing colds are highly contagious and is transmitted most often through the hands. The easiest way is to catch the places where they congregate or pass by many people. Viruses live for hours on the surface of objects. Suffice it to adhere to dirty your hands and breathe in the nose to get infected.
4. Dress with warm clothes
If you frost your feet or hands, hurry them warm. Other parts of the body at that time receive less blood, therefore less protective blood cells able to resist the virus. Cover your nose with a scarf and his mouth in cold weather. Protective cells work best at temperatures around 37 degrees and icy breath of air will reduce the activity of the immune system.

How to overcome the Autumn Depression

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Depressed WomanThe Autumn produces different feelings. Some welcome this season of joy, others – with great disappointment. In some people this season occurred depression, which is exacerbated by rains and cold weather – it’s getting dark earlier, the body senses the lack of sunlight. Here are some tips that will help in combating depression, or simply – with a bad mood:
1. Plan already winter or spring holiday. Select where you want to go look for more information about opportunities and what you will find a place.
2. He built his weekend away from home or short trips interesting.
3. Many people helping and shopping – especially for women walking to the shops often smile back. Shopping will increase your mood and will cause a feeling of joy.
4. Change the thing in itself – in the hair, clothing, perfume and change. And it will load with positive energy.

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