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Should I fast for a day?

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Should I fast for a dayAnother great health question is “should I fast for a day?” The day long fast is beneficial to health as long as it is not done more than once a month, say U.S. experts. The results of their study shows that people who abstain from food one day of every month have about 40% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. And in patients with asthma it was observed to  visibly lower the severity of the attacks.
The scientists from the University of Chicago, quoted by Reuters, “mild” stress was found  when testing  the body during moderate fasting,which  reflects positively on immunity and reduces the risk of many diseases.
The experts state that you do not  have to starve all day, but should skip main meals.   So it seems that in answer to the question ‘should I fast for a day”, the answer is yes, it does have some very good health benefits!!

7 reasons for the chronic fatigue

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

chronic fatigueAt least say scientists from the hospital of St. George University of London. In their study they analyzed blood samples of patients suffering from this syndrome. It turns out that there are 7 genetic variants of chronic fatigue, each of which is manifested by certain symptoms.
• For the first type is characterized by increased levels of anxiety, depression, insomnia,
• the second – fatigue after physical exertion and pain in joints and muscles.
• The third type can be defined as the most beneficial – it is manifested in the form of increased fatigue only with the advent of the evening.
• The fourth is manifested by moderate muscle pain after loading and slight insomnia
• fifth – with muscle weakness and disorder in digestion.
• For the sixth characteristic is the constant feeling of general fatigue and

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