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In men life there are 3 risky periods

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

ManExperts argue that the lives of men are 3 main critical period – age 35 years 50 to 55 years and 65-70 years. These conventionally called peak years are associated with certain loads. – The load may be hormonal – Have you note that it is 35 (plus or minus 1 year) and at the age of 50 many men establish new families?
- The load may be social – should be made home to raise a child.
- The load may be psychological – approaching the half-century anniversary man and reviewed his life in balance. Often this condition is accompanied by stress and depression.
According to statistics, most men die as a result of cardiovascular disease – stroke, heart attack or illness caused by alcohol abuse. An additional factor is food high in fat, leading to blood clots and increase cholesterol – it is superimposed on the walls of the vessels and they lose their elasticity. Evidence suggests that about half of men after the age of 40 have difficulty with erections. Lately, more often than to consult a specialist and find the real cause of the problem, they resort to self medication and vote for who think will help them. This approach is totally wrong because the doctor would have sought the root cause of the problem and have tried to treat it, not its aftermath. Many men do not know that Viagra and other similar drugs it should only be prescribed by a doctor and that it is contraindicated in:
- Heart disease (coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disorders, hypertension, hypotension);
- Adoption of nitroglycerin and other preparations of this type for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases;
- Adoption of erythromycin and cimetidine – they enhance the action of the respective drug to overcome erectile dysfunction.

No use of violence in the education of children

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

ChildParents do not always consciously spank the child. In most cases this happens when you lose patience and fall into despair. Sometimes they can only hurt the child so that several times he repeated that it should not be done if a child has heard them. “All parents know how annoying and insulting is when children do not listen to them, but the outcome of the situation is not violence,” said a team of specialists. According to the results of their study commissioned by the American Academy of Pediatrics, 25 percent of families with two parents beat their children at least once a week. These 25 percent are of the opinion that this method of education helps. But actually it is only superficial results, scientists refute them: “As a rule, children are often struck by their parents as an educational method, begin to lie, they develop children’s aggression, anger and other deviations from their social behavior. These children are unable to make much needed and important difference between “good and bad,” they more often than others behave incorrectly behind the back “of their parents. Therefore unlikely that method of education can be defined as effective.
Experts offer several alternatives to the far better and lasting results:
1. Be firm and patient – the child will surely hear you if you speak firmly, but not with increased tone.
2. Pause – if you tell your child that you are now very angry and will therefore return to this issue later, in that it is not bad. It is better to postpone for a few minutes to talk and relax than to apply force.

How often is normal the child to be ill

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

KidChildren who virtually never get sick, or they are not so small that they can be counted on fingers. The general opinion of doctors is that illness, children gradually build up their immune systems, which will help them later to resist infections attacking the body. But one has to be sick 1-2 times a year, and another – the presence of constant runny nose and cough. How often can ill child without causing alarm among parents and doctors? The term “children suffering often is blurred, as each child, for example every body is individual. According to modern medical standards “often suffering children” are considered those that:
• for up to 1 year of age suffer from respiratory diseases and more every year
• aged 1 to 3 years – 6 times more
• aged 3 to 5 years – 5 times more and
• over 5 years – 4 times more.

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