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Herb medicine for brest cancer

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Brest CancerReasons for the occurrence of breast cancer are not sufficiently well understood by medical science as ever in cancer diagnoses. In the initial stage of the disease do not feel chest pain, which is the main reason for delayed addressing the disease. Only when feeling targeted cancer detected units of varying sizes – thick and connate with the surrounding tissue. Sometimes, a lump is located around the nipple. In this case, if you grab and pull the nipple of the breast, it is a knot. The very grain of the patient breast is situated higher than that of the healthy and the areola (the dark circle around the nipple) is smaller. Moreover, sometimes losing mucus, which is different in texture than breast milk. If the “lump” is located at the bottom edge (below the breast), usually thick fingers, slightly painful flat finding. But there are cases where this seal is not painful. If surrounding lymph nodes (armpit and under the clavicle) are increased, the overall situation is deteriorating and needs to be hastened by breast surgery. The earlier the disease is detected, the more certain is her treatment after surgery is advisable to continue the cure with all possible means – drugs light-terapy and herbs.
Herbalism course, adjuvant therapy, through which the general aim of strengthening the immune system, calm the nervous system and reduce the risk of spread. Post-operative use of herbs also reduce the intoxication caused the body from disease. Here’s what can be done immediately after surgery.

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