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The type of skin is not the only factor, when choosing cosmetic

Monday, July 19th, 2010

CosmeticChoosing one or another cosmetic product, of course, we first read the writing on the packaging to find out what type of skin cream is designed accordingly, lotion, gel, mask, etc. More than a century ago, human skin is classified as dry, oily and combination. But in this classification into account only one indicator – the level of fat in the skin. According to modern dermatology, attention must be paid on many other factors: pigmentation, skin color, the presence of lines, etc. Sensitivity plays a major role of the skin, ie its tendency to irritation. If after using the new cream on your skin appear red spots, it’s probably a sign of an allergic reaction. It is so difficult to distinguish allergy from the usual signs of skin sensitivity. In the first case of skin cosmetic reacted immediately and the second – after 3-4 hours. To get rid of nasty red spots, take advantage of soothing mask, and then every day use hypoallergenic cream. To be sure to choose your cosmetic piloting a small area of skin and use it only if there appears a negative reaction. If you suffer from constant redness on the cheeks and nose, probably a widespread disease of the sensitive skin – rosacea. Addressing this problem will help the lilies of chamomile, allantoin, panthenol and vitamin K, which have a soothing effect.

Protect your hair from the sun

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

HaircareHair needs sun protection, as well as skin. In the summer sun, warm temperatures and high winds destroyed and the pigment of the hair keratin and then dewatered. To wear your hair and lose luster. Although it is most sensible decision, I do not want to recommend to hide their hair under sun hats and towels. Instead, use a sunscreen lotion that will keep your hair healthy and vibrant, even during the summer months. They contain metal oxides (iron, titanium dioxide), which protect the hair from overheating and other moisturizing ingredients – panthenol, soy protein, jojoba, aloe vera and others. To protect your hair from external aggression in the summer, wash it more often – every other day.
Styled by Avoid perfumes and sprays, as this may lead to thermolysis (thermal destruction of the base of the hair).

How to get the freshness of your skin?

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

SkincareSkin is the body is exposed to all external influences. It is therefore extremely important to take care of it constantly, consistently and mostly seasonal. A fall is an important strategic period. The summer has left its traces – wrinkles, inflammation and dehydration. Pretty soon winter will make it even more vulnerable. With all the modern aesthetic dermatology problems facial skin can be handled quickly and efficiently. Skin is ideal thanks to new technology ELOS-rejuvenation. ELOS surpasses all known techniques: photo-rejuvenation, laser therapy and others. With ELOS not have to waste time and resources for continued therapy. ELOS-rejuvenation technology has a wide range of opportunities for non-surgical lifting of the skin, and also to remove the signs of aging, pigmentation, superficial dilated capillaries.
How does ELOS acts?

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