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Platinum does not jeopardize the treatment of cancer patients

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Platinum CancerThis grim myth is simply one of the most common misconceptions among Cancer. There are tumors in which no platinum therapy is generally ineffective and there is no reason to apply chemotherapy. This applies to cancer of the ovary, bladder and lungs. Only when pronounced as renal pathology underlying condition for the treatment of tumors not use platinum, although in this case, the benefit of therapy is considerably less. Another issue is that in breast cancer, for example, platinum preparations only be used if the tumor does not respond to standard chemotherapy regimens. But to believe that there is a strong preparation of platinum and that this medicine all treatment options have been exhausted, we should not. Platinum is effective in some tumors, but in others it is quite useless. And there are hormone-dependent tumors such as breast cancer, especially in the elderly, cancer of the uterus, prostate gland, which in any case miotherapy is more effective than hormone therapy. It applies only in cases where the tumor is not susceptible to treatment with hormones. Moreover! There are more than ten different theories about the occurrence of oncological diseases. All of these hypotheses are, however, are not proven and does not help to prevent this disease. Prevention of cancer does not exist. So did many charlatans lately pile of money as promised “cure” for cancer, what is most worrying in this case is that people who have access to oncological dispensaries to physicians who may help them, especially if their disease is in its infancy, trust other healer.

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