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Fitness on the beach

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

fitness beachFitness room is not the only place to practice. The beach is great place to workout without it perceived as punishment. Fitness on the beach is a way to maintain diversity in his training regime and have fun. There is much that can substitute for time spent in the gym and provide benefits for your health without even having seen them training. Furthermore, our muscles tend to adapt and get used to the same gym workout, but do not get the improvements in the figures, which are striving for. You can combine running, walk along the soft sand, swimming, games. Beach games and fun at the same time loaded different muscle groups and burn calories. Return for some time in the childhood years and offer your friends to play tag. This game will be moved and expanded the whole body. After a break, begin to submit frisbi. That would heavily upper back muscles and hands. And if you find enough players, you can even play some soccer or volleyball game. These games are fun, easy and useful, and they may even include your dog.

The psammostherapy

Friday, July 24th, 2009

psammostherapyThe psammostherapy is a method of treatment using a sand bath with a special sand, which is more anatomically diathermancy This sand cover parts of the body and distributes the heat evenly on the surface. The psammostherapy is used widely in hurt syndromes that occur in degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the locomotory, syndromes, functional disorders of the nervous system. Each type has unique properties sand. irst fine sand absorbs heat evenly and gives it. And second, momentarily get sweat. Generally, sessions on psammostherapy may be alone, for example, to the beach. Nature of these sessions is simple – he is flat on his back and his body was hot with sand while leaving open only the area of the heart and stomach. As head of course.

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