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How to overcome the Autumn Depression

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Depressed WomanThe Autumn produces different feelings. Some welcome this season of joy, others – with great disappointment. In some people this season occurred depression, which is exacerbated by rains and cold weather – it’s getting dark earlier, the body senses the lack of sunlight. Here are some tips that will help in combating depression, or simply – with a bad mood:
1. Plan already winter or spring holiday. Select where you want to go look for more information about opportunities and what you will find a place.
2. He built his weekend away from home or short trips interesting.
3. Many people helping and shopping – especially for women walking to the shops often smile back. Shopping will increase your mood and will cause a feeling of joy.
4. Change the thing in itself – in the hair, clothing, perfume and change. And it will load with positive energy.

Autumn beauty care

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Autumn beauty careAutumn is the best season to restore the beauty of our skin, hair, nails, etc. As a result of the generous sun in the summer our bodies felt stress. How are removing the damage done to prepare for the cold? The change of seasons causes many people problems with the skin – it red becomes more sensitive and irritated. And of course, dehydrated by summer.
Therefore, you must perform the following procedures:
1. Nourish the skin.
Your task is to take care of the skin of the body – starting from the face and ending with the feet. After taking a shower or bath apply with massage movements on the skin nourishing cream. Take your time – and every one section of the skin. Then devote themselves to caring for the person. Probably in the summer there is the skin becomes more sensitive and you need another face cream. Do savings and buy cream that will meet the needs of the skin from moisture and nutritional substances. Cream with rose oil to soothe sensitive and dry skin, a cream containing thermal water, removes redness and skin irritation.
Especially noteworthy are the various face masks. Especially those containing copper. Honey has unique properties: not only refreshes the skin, but also restores softness and smoothness. It must be remembered that these masks can be used by people who do not suffer from an allergy to honey.

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