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Some tips for using the cosmetics

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Beauty CosmeticsWe use various cosmetics with the hope that it will help the health of our skin. But it turns out, sometimes in cosmetics containing substances that may harm us. And the worst – they are always described in the product label, because usually it indicates only the basic ingredients.
The lotions that contain alcohol, can confidently be recommended to anyone with oily or prone to skin irritation, because alcohol has a drying and disinfectant action. But the content of alcohol in the preparation should not exceed 15-17%. If you have dry skin, you can opt out of the use of cosmetics containing alcohol. Otherwise, your skin will start peeling or at least appears uncomfortable feeling of tightness. Forget the spirit lotions in winter when skin is exposed to more adverse effects: cold, sharp changes in temperature, dry air.
Paraffin is often present in cosmetic rejuvenation. It is not recommended for problematic oily skin or mixed type, since film formed on the skin, ie prevent the removal of toxins through the pores and impedes the access of oxygen. As a result, skin loses its elasticity and smoothness. But softening paraffin hand is truly indispensable. He has a heating effect and accelerates the metabolism.

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