Something happens with my memory

Mind ProblemsMemory is a very complex part of the human body. Few people can boast, remember that every trifle and never forgot anything important. It is believed that the best way to remember something is to fully regenerating memory situation in which it happened. For example, if we forget where we left the keys, you must remember the last time we unlock the door where we went and what we did. Along with these details will “swim” and the place where we put them. Memory can “ill” and to heal, and therefore must find reasons. Some of them may be related to direct cerebral damage as a result of skull-brain trauma or stroke. Among the reasons are long and exhaustion, insomnia, of some situations, stress, abrupt change of customary living conditions need to remember at one time a large amount of information, misuse of alcohol, taking drugs and certain medications, age changes in brain .
Mental study with special tests can determine exactly which part of the brain is hurt, out strengths and weaknesses of the patient’s memory and a program to restore its.
Except tablets, the man who suffers from deterioration of memory, can be recommended and physiotherapy. There is another opportunity for restoration of memory – the pedagogical-psychological adjustment. Anybody remember his strategy.

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