What causes aneurysm in brain

aneurysm in brainWhat is the risk of aneurysm in brain to develop? Some studies show that even everyday activities such as drinking coffee, visiting the toilet and intensive training in the gym may cause of aneurysm in brain.  As published in the journal Stroke study it is quite possible. The exact causes of aneurysms are still a mystery. The aneurysm is an excessive  enlargening of the arterial vessel due to weakness in it’s wall. Many aneurysms often have no symptoms, and sometimes their first event is a cerebral hemorrhage, often with fatal consequences.

People with high cholesterol and blood pressure as well as women during pregnancy are at increased risk of aneurysm. The good news is that thanks to a recent studies by scientists from universities in the Dutch city of Utrecht  they are a step closer to unveiling the mystery around the appearance of aneurysms.
What are the most common risk factors. After comparing the results of 250 patients with complicated aneurysms team members who conducted the study reached the conclusion that there are  eight major factors that predispose the rupture of the aneurysm and bleeding in the brain.
But unfortunately it is still too early to give precise recommendations for preventing the occurrence of aneurysms and their rupture lock specialists. More research is needed in the field.

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