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Health FoodLast week, independently of one another, two popular media have published a list of the most useful health foods. Proposals by British newspaper the Daily Mirror and the German magazine “Focus” in a whole match – that modern man has to use more milk and garlic. Here are the contents of both publications, which we tried to combine in one:
1. Brown rice
Fearing not napalneyat, many people avoid carbohydrates. But actually they are very important for maintaining energy levels. Brown rice contains many fibers that help reduce cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer of the rectum, gall stones, diabetes and obesity.
2. Eggs
Responses to hen eggs are often not the most flattering, but they are a rich source of protein and lutein (which protects eyes from cataracts). Studies also show that eggs prevent blood clots and thus reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. According to the results of a completely new study using 6 eggs per week reduced by up to 14 percent risk of breast cancer. The use of 1-2 eggs daily does not raise cholesterol as the body itself produces cholesterol from saturated fat, but did not receive “-made” in cholesterol-rich products.
3. Milk and milk products
The milk contains valuable proteins, fats that are easily processed, and lactose (often referred to as “useful sugar). It is also rich in calcium, which is necessary for the functioning of the nervous system and muscles working properly. Experts said one glass of milk a day dramatically reduces the risk of stomach cancer. With age the need for calcium increases and it is very important in the daily diet to include milk products. Skimmed cow’s milk is especially useful – it is rich in calcium required for bone and it is an excellent preventive tool against osteoporosis

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