Reasons for Headache

HeadacheEach type of headache has its reason. In order to permanently remove the need la able to find and then alone or with a doctor – to around best measures for treatment. Remember – the pain itself is not a disease, a reaction of the body that allows you to understand that something is wrong somewhere.
Pain from stress
1. Head will burst (with equal force on both sides).
2. Pain is monotonous, dull, tightening.
3. You feel like your head is placed in a vise.
4. Proceeding occurs after a sudden quarrel or word (whether pleasant or not) that is excited.
5. Spend much time in front of the computer or behind the wheel.
6. Do work which requires prolonged concentration of attention and emotional tension and can not be postponed for tomorrow.
This kind of pain can decrease, as seek to avoid stress. Move as much as possible. If you work mostly seated and relatively fixed (eg a computer), at least once an hour exercise the muscles of the neck and his shoulders.
1. Attacks of severe pulsating pain in one side of the head (or rarely both).
2. Epicenter of the painful sensations are forehead, temporal and eyes.
3. Pain accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness. in cold and trembling hands, increased sensitivity to sound and light
4. After the attacks feel down and want to sleep.
5. Your head hurts after emotional stress, adoption of a drug changes over time, weightlifting, training. Often proceed you cover when you are long or eaten one hundred could eat nuts, legumes, you drink wine or have spent a few hours of low light or very noisy place.
6. Suffer the same problem your mother, grandmother. aunt and other close relative (male headache that occurs 2-3 times less).
Of migraine suffer approximately 20 percent of the people. The cause of her brain are vessels that … narrowed and widened, filling your head with pulsating pain.
You must learn to balance your emotional lights to sleep at least 8 hours. Will be useful yoga, breathing exercises and water treatments – contrast shower. pool, sauna.
Cluster headache
1. The pain occurs at night.
2. It was pulsating, and always covers the same half of the face and head.
3. Painful feelings are concentrated in the eyes, temporal, parts of the forehead, crown, and sometimes in the ear and lower jaw.
4. During the attacks the eyes and the redness began to weep, and face covered with sweat drops.
5. The most severe is the pain of the first 5-10 minutes but it continued from 30 minutes to 2 hours and can be repeated 2-3 times a day.
6 painful attack is grouped in a series of seizures lasting from several weeks to 3 months, then disappears for half and sometimes even for 2-3 years.
This is the male variant of migraine. In 9 of 10 cases including overtake men. The most dangerous age is between 20 and 30 years. After 65 years of age, the pain goes by itself.
To reduce unpleasant attacks and make them less, reject smoking and alcohol. Try to live a strictly defined system – changes in the rhythm of life provoke attacks of this type of headache.
Arterial hypertension
1. Morning wake up with a strong headache.
2. After waking your face is swollen. swollen eyelids and bags under the eyes you have.
3. It hurts your whole head, but most tilnata part.
4. The pain increases after physical exercise.
5. At lunch lowered pain.
6. Headaches appear almost every day.
The source of this headache is a contraction of brain vessels. The most imminent threat of stroke is high blood. Therefore, treatment is required. Advise a doctor for medication that can control the pressure you.

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