Proper metabolism depends on the type of food

Diet ReviewsIn people with obesity always comes a time when the accumulated weight have increasingly greater impact on the appearance and activity of various organs. According to the specialists Dieting Tips, the unloaders days have effective only briefly. Why is that? This issue have tried to meet scientists from the American Institute of Nutrition and overweight. The results of their long and extensive study has confirmed the statement by many nutritionists believe that the secret of good figure is balanced metabolism. The Diet Reviews are telling that the lack of such balance and can lead to weight than normal, and extreme weakness. The main problem with nutritionists to give universal advice on diet comes from the individual characteristics of each organism. Everyone absorb nutrients differently and therefore consumes energy so accumulated. It is quite easy to normalize your weight with Colon Cleansing, which are balancing your metabolism. In slower absorption of energy expenditure is lower, namely unspent calories cause weight per person to rise, even if it is fed plenty. Experts advise in this case the food to dominate small amounts of carbohydrates and more rapid processing proteins (poultry, fish). Other suitable people for this kind of foods are soy products, those containing many fiber (carrots, beets, bad, cucumbers) and various milk derivatives, but with lower fat content. People whose body has accelerated metabolism, respectively “burn” faster energy. Scientists say this is due to a higher level of adrenaline and thyroid hormones in the body.
This type of people can afford to eat more fats and carbohydrates, but it is often advisable to use citrus fruits. Are ideal for various types of meat (especially poultry, red, game), fish, fats of animal origin as well as fruits and vegetables high in calcium and vitamin A – tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, spinach, broccoli. Benefit their body will also be cow’s milk, soy beans and various fruits in large quantities. There are people who can say that the metabolism is in equilibrium, ie to spend as much energy as is also producing. For them the rules of nutrition are the most simple – they can eat whatever they want, but still must comply with certain conditions – to avoid the frequent use of coffee, alcohol, bakery and meat products should not eat much sweet and not to drink too often carbonated beverages.

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