Mental crisis are part of our life

HeadacheWhen it comes to crisis, the human psyche as adjusted negatively. In fact, some of the critical moments in the life of man are genetically seemed set – with a difference of several years each pass through them. Traces of them found in the changing way we look at ourselves and the world around us.
The psychologists have identified when they occur and what exactly are related and to what changes in the human psyche lead. The first crisis occurs at a young age – about 10-12 years. The child grows, expanding circle of his interests, he learns to form his own opinion and to carry out independent actions, but also responsible for them. The second crisis, we catch up about 16-20 years. The young man is already considered an adult and trying to prove – to themselves and the world. This is the time of the first responsibilities: choice of occupation, first job, university, marriage often. Parents increasingly are behind us – it comes really weather is independent living, full of expectations for the future. The third crisis, we conquered aged about 30 years. Wild youth now seems gone, man made and evaluated much more sober look to the future. In becoming a major quest for peace and stability. Many at this age begin to make a career, while others just the opposite – looking for meaning in life and devote more time to his family.
The fourth crisis comes a middle-aged – 40-45 years. One begins to see yourself aging before and after it, and death. The body loses some of its strength and beauty, emerged wrinkles, hair turns white, began to call various diseases. There comes a time that psychologists call the first battle with old age. It may have different expressions – some start a new affair, a second – is “immersed” in all his work, while others seek the thrill of life, come to extreme steps such as parachute jumping or climbing a high peak. Characteristic symptom of this crisis is that many people rethink their attitudes toward religion or turn to a philosophical movement. In some crisis leads to an increased dose of cynicism and outright negative attitude to the world and others. The fifth crisis, occurs in 60-70 years, as a rule at that age a person retires and in most cases does not know what to take. Ailments call more often, some old friends are away, and some are no longer alive, children are great and long live our lives. One suddenly realizes that life is coming to an end and he is not at its center, feels lost, often fell into depression and loses interest in life. Each crisis leads to changes in the outlook of man and his status for both the society and to himself. However, if a person learn to perceive in new ways during each period of his life to find the positive in the inevitable changes and crises of the age will not look as sharp, and in many of the changes you will find the inevitable logic of life

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