Man can learn to love

Man WomanAs you can not live with that you love, learn to love the one with whom you live! This is the principle according to psychologists, that people choose partners with whom to live. Physical attractiveness play a role in choice of partner. Naturally beautiful people shown enjoying more attention from the opposite sex and generally try to choose a partner who is also attractive. A people with a common appearance is often a family man with the same level of attractiveness. Does this mean that the more attractive and less attractive people evaluate differently the appearance of others? U.S. scientists Lee Leonard (Leonard Lee), George Loewenstein and Dan Ariely together with the creators of the popular dating site decided to test this hypothesis. The site people evaluate the attractiveness of others and tied dating from photographs. Researchers have analyzed the requirements of study participants to their partners and compared the data with human attractiveness (relying on estimates obtained from other users). It turns out that people really tend to choose a partner equal in attractiveness. Moreover, more attractive people are particularly demanding of the appearance of potential partners, but generally all tend to choose a partner who is more attractive than themselves.
Compared with women, men attach greater importance to the appearance of a potential mistress and their choice is not influenced by their own attractiveness. All people, regardless of appearance, attractiveness assessed by the same criteria. That fact speaks to fit the standards of beauty for most people (eg symmetric persons are defined as more attractive), say U.S. scientists.

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