Long workday is harmful for women

Workday WomenLong working hours and extra hours spent at work are borne more heavily than women and have more harmful effects on health of the fair sex, according to research by British scientists from Cambridge University (University of Cambridge). As a result of increased stress in the workplace, more women smoke cigarettes, drink more coffee and consume harmful food. Interesting findings of the study is that both men and women drink less alcohol when they have to work a lot. In women, however, increases the desire for more abundant and unhealthy eating. Experts say that women who work longer, eat less calorie and fat foods and less engaged in physical exercise, women smokers smoke more cigarettes, while the length of working day does not affect focused on sport for men, the number of cigarettes smoked or tried their coffee. A group of scientists led by Prof. Daryl O’Connor (Daryl O `Connor) have been studied in particular the impact of stress on the nutritional behavior. It turns out that the events causing the most stress – prepare for a manifestation, a meeting with the boss, behind schedule, compel women are more likely to eat between meals, as logically prefer foods that satisfy your appetite quickly.
People most prone to such behavior, the researchers call “emotional hungry”. They are described in the survey as easy and very hurt and tend to remove internal tension that is with food. When they occur in a feeling of anxiety, emotional agitation or hostility towards themselves, they begin to eat, to dispel the negative emotions.

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