Is the slimming tea really healthy

Green TeaRecently, a very fashionable to drink tea, which allegedly promote weight loss. These drinks are made mostly of herbal supplements, but it appears that with the positive effects they can cause and side effect – to affect the colon by accelerating the movement of its content. Some of them contain resinous substances which cause irritation of the lining of the intestine. Appear lower abdominal pain. It is very difficult market to find a slimming tea, which has no side effects. Their decrease is recommended to use this tea on an empty stomach before breakfast or evening after dinner, as his relief began to show after about 8-10 hours. Prolonged use of these teas are also not safe for health. In the body may affect the water exchange, leading to shortages of micronutrients and other essential substances. With the termination of the use of tea, intestines become sluggish again. The media often promoted for weight loss products, appetite suppressants, even until his disappearance. They also prepare plant-based. People suffering from cardiovascular disease should contact their doctor and not to engage in self with biologically active additives. Suppress appetite, alertness, increased ability to work – all this characterizes the initial stage of application of preparation. Then the excitement is changed by the delay appears sleepiness, increased fatigue and nervous exhaustion builds up.
Caffeine often enter into the composition of such preparations and enhances the activity of the stomach, but prolonged use and the simultaneous withdrawal of food can lead to development of gastric ulcer. Tablets containing caffeine should not be taken by people who suffer from hypertension, insomnia, and also the elderly. Preparations for the reduced appetite are particularly harmful to pregnant women. All future or nursing mothers should not strive to lose weight. New research by scientists from Italy, quoted by the magazine Prevention, shows that preparations for reducing appetite cause increased blood pressure in the lungs. Data from this study reveal that most people who adopt similar preparations develop diseases of the heart and lungs, as well as hypertension, accompanied by shortness of breath, increased fatigue and dizziness. Continued acceptance of preparations can cause nervousness and depression, but also negatively impact the function of brain.

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