Interval Fat burning

Interval fat burningWe remembered the greatest way to get warm in this cold, raging outside. No, I will become as tedious fire door neighbor from downstairs constantly said your love life. A visit in the sauna is too warm unsettled, although worthwhile in all cases. Rather, we mean to focus on cardio training. More heavy traffic would affect great on your body – not only will it warm, but with it will burn a lot of calories. If you add a light diet and even stored fat will begin to melt. Therefore we have the perfect proposal for this purpose – interval running. It increases endurance, and with it will reduce the amount of weight you are at home more after the holiday of the year. In fact, interval training scheme you can use not only the path, but any cardio equipment. And even in cross-country skiing in the open.
And here for what it is:
- Heat for about 5-10 minutes at a slow pace. This does not mean to drag along the path, though at the end of that time, your muscles must be warmed and be slightly perspiring.
- Accelerate quickly to near the maximum of its power (the path as it would be the ninth or tenth grade, and ecliptic – about 170 feet per minute). Follow this pace 10-15 seconds.
- Take a breath for 30 seconds – a pace lower to moderate intensity (6.5 or a path about 150 feet per minute ecliptic).
- Repeat the same after 15-20 minutes.
Finally, cool your body with 5-10 minutes slower pace. Try to delay it gradually rather than abruptly. Each week increase the sprints with 5 seconds until you get up to 30 seconds faster running and the same recovery time. In the next phase add 5 seconds to both, but not if you believe that you can endure the length of intensive movement. Do not exceed more than a minute, as the positive effect of the sprint will be lost. When you get familiar with this load, you can increase the resistance or the slope of the appliance to not lose the load. Start with 3 times a week cardio workouts, but try to make 4. And to enjoy a better shape and more attractive appearance, do not miss workouts with weights.

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