Instant Coffee is more healthy

Coffee InstantInstant coffee is coffee and useful to science today remains controversial drink. Long time it was considered to be entirely harmful to health. Recently emerged and research showing that in certain cases, it is useful – to prevent elderly sclerosis and diabetes, to improve potency. To this list was soon added a further property of coffee – it turned out that it contains a large amount of ballast substances that are not processed by chemical compounds play an important role in digestion and maintain the level of sugar in the blood. According to experts every day person needs 25 g of ballast substances, such shortages lead to intestinal problems. According to many previously published information about nutritious substances coffee contains ballast substances. Spanish scientists believe they have put a point on this controversy, they have proven that the drink (brewed or instant coffee) contains the cellulose and soluble sugars, which are ballast substances.
They studied the coffee with the help of digestive enzymes in an artificial model of human intestine and have established the presence of ballast substances and the three types of coffee: black and filtered (preparing to 6-8 minutes at 90 degrees C), espresso (brewed under pressure at 114-121 degrees) and Nescafe (instant coffee, overflows with very hot water). According to the researchers, published in the new issue of the journal Nature in 100 ml filtered coffee contained 0.47 substances which are not assimilated, they have espresso at 0.65 mg in a Nescafe – popular products amounted to 0,75 mg. Thus, content of ballast substances superior coffee and orange juice, wine, which most often mentioned as sources for the body of such substances.

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