Improper illumination may cause problems

Improper illuminationMany people do not sleep at night and watch TV or work / play on your computer. Not to hinder their families, they most often excluded lights in the room. Beams from severely affect the TV eyes watching and so long is not recommended for either children or adults. Monitor creates fewer problems, but still remains high visual load. If no normal room lighting, the eyes are more tense. In illuminating insufficient room pupil expands to see better in darkness. Retina consists of different cells. One located in the center, and responsible for day vision and color perception, and the others are located on the periphery and are responsible for vision in twilight and a black and white image. So at night, when vision is to work in twilight, pupils expand. But the bigger it is, the higher the intraocular pressure, and this contributes to the occurrence of glaucoma. Included night-light is not a decision. Its use in man sits in a light spot and when moving the eyes from the TV or monitor, it must look again into darkness.
In such a situation, the eyes get tired more quickly because the pupil is enlarged here (to the eyes can not see in the dark), here declined. This leads to an increase in myopia and the development of spasm of accommodation – severe visual exhaustion when muscle spasms occur in the eye. Despite what do the lights in the house must be sound – 60 watts, but in larger premises – 100 watts. Even better, if the light comes from several luminaries.
According cleared lamp light bulb at night should be 60 watts, not 40 or 75. This is especially important for children. Luminescent lamps damage to the retina and can provoke its dystrophy, and except spasm of cerebral vessels, they cause irritation, petulance not-motivated and disturb sleep.

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