If you have problems with the feet

Woman FeetEspecially during the summer because high temperatures in many other problems occur in the legs. Depending on the organism and the reason for their appearance, these problems can be still divided into several main groups.
If you always have cold feet
After washing of the feet should be a special procedure. Legs are held 2 minutes in warm water, then a few seconds to cast in the cold. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times and ends with the obligatory cold rinse. These baths improve blood circulation, strengthen the vascular system and increase immunity.
If feet are dim
When inadequate hygiene are at risk of fungal infection. Feet it is better to wash with antibacterial soap, or at least deodorize and then be treated with salicylic powder or aerosol against smell of sweat. Socks must be changed every day, and shoes 2-3 days. When sweating feet help tanks with fresh cucumber, lemon peel and tea infusion. It is useful once a week to wash the feet with salts with juniper or oak bark.
If your feet get tired
In such cases a special evening helps gymnastics. The exercises should be performed on foot barefoot: the campaigns of the fifth fingers in a seated position to raise your toes and small objects with the feet rolling round objects (a ball or small jar), the campaigns of the outer part of your feet. Tanks with mint, nettle, plantain, and coltsfoot also help to eliminate fatigue. Can be made with sea salt baths for at least 20 minutes.
If ankles swell
It is recommended to rest with feet up, do not stay long in one place and be made more moves. You should not wear shoes at very high current, tightening suspenders, etc., which hamper circulation. Contrast baths also help.

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