How to threat winter depression

Woman DepressedThe people’s property from time to time to fall into depression, which is completely natural and law-for example, in some situations, a divorce or failing an important exam. The depression has now become the “fashionable” disease. It is almost “elegant” to say “I’m depressed” and thereby justify the lack of enthusiasm or total employment decreases vitality. This “fashion” there is however a double role. On the one hand people suffering from depression, experiencing less pressure and greater understanding of others, and – depression began to be called any kind of boredom and thus the disease seemed to come from the list of serious problems. And should not the case. There are different ways for the classification of depression. One of the most common is based on the frequency of its occurrence. A single case of depression caused by one reason or another, is called “depression”. Prolonged, but slight depression – dysthymia, and depression, occurring from time to time – “recurrent”. In all the Nordic countries particularly significant problem is the “seasonal depression”, which is a form of recurrent. It is completely incorrect is the notion that seasonal depression occur in spring and autumn and are caused by almost any unexplained factors. In fact, most seasonal depressions occur in winter and they are caused by some “the most banal” natural phenomena:
1. Lack of light
Many people in the winter hardly see sunlight. They go to work and return from there after dark. And in the workplace have lowered blinds or special lamps emitting an unnatural and therefore tiresome light.
2. Feeling of constant cold
The sense of constant discomfort of constant changes in temperature – intolerable cold in the street, heat and suffocation in a crowded bus, a sharp gust of cold wind – exhausted body and suppress the psyche.
3. Shortness of breath
Residents of big cities can not boast of fresh air, but in winter the situation deteriorated further. The windows are tightly closed, the streets inhale these fumes in the summer, but now the breathing is more hampered by poor weather conditions. These factors seem trivial and you rarely think about their negative influence. And not think about whether or not we miss rest. Too often, winter holidays end with sleep disturbances and appetite, decline of power, inability to focus and most importantly – a sense of helplessness, hopelessness and even wines. In many cases, the man realized that suffers from depression and experiencing undue guilt, began to seek the cause. And she is usually very simple and concludes one – rarely do that we really enjoyable. Under the influence of depression guilt grows and becomes leader.
What can be done
Try to determine the exact “scale of the disaster and to assess the forces – whether you’re tired and how much you can endure. If you can not at least temporarily reduce the load on your workplace, do it at home.
Guilt should not have any place – better discuss their condition with family and friends.
Guilt and helplessness is an abstract concept for you to talk with his family, but it is best to seek competent opinion of a psychologist. This applies not only to seasonal depression, but depression in general.

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