How to threat the cold

Woman ColdIt turns out that many of the usual and popular procedures are carefully followed when treating their colds are actually harmful – popularity does not ensure adequacy of treatment! Consider the fundamental mistakes that many people away.
1. Is it useful to at live well and sweat?
Definitely not. Wrap up in warm blankets, we maintain artificially high external temperature, thermal damage of the body. Therefore, increased workload on the heart and vessels, which can cause palpitations, shortness of breath and increased blood pressure. The temperature can be reduced most effectively by a rub with cool water or cold compress on the forehead.
2. Is it necessary to “keep the bed?
No cause sneezing or coughing person to be bedridden. With continued lying reduces ventilation of the lungs and bronchi, and they can start congestive phenomena. And considering that the infection has the ability to “run” down to the airways, the risk of getting bronchitis or inflammation of the lungs is greater in those at all cannot get out of bed. So the patient can safely walk, but at home. The only thing we have to keep is current.
3. The patient should eat often and much.
And this is not recommended. For the processing of food rich in protein and fat needed a lot of energy and time. And all the powers of the body at that time should be aimed at fighting infection. So the amount of local broths should be minimized. It is necessary to accept products that are easily processed and not retained in the gut – fruit, fresh and steamed vegetables, boiled or stewed fish juices. Water will help you bring out the body of the emitted pollutants, and that part of the accepted drugs that otherwise stagnates in the liver.
4. The best tool is a cold tea with raspberries or similar.
In fruits such as raspberries actually contain a certain amount of salicylic acid, so cooked or raspberry jam them is lowering the temperature and cause sweating. However, raspberries and other fruits of this type are contraindicated in heart disease, as it can cause arrhythmias or reduce kidney function. Therefore, experts recommend herbal teas.

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