How to threat acne

Girl faceUsually we use thousands of acne skin care products, thinking that we found the right combination to clean up our face. But definitely should know more about the acne to find the best way to threat it. In this post, we will try to explain all about acne, and some lies about it. Acne commonly occurs in young people and an inflammation of the skin. Symptoms: a large number of black spots with white tips appear on the face, back, chest or occiput. Dimensions ranging from millimeters to the size of the human nail. In addition, the skin becomes oily, appear rough and dents. DERMATO a specialist with whom to consult on how to treat. Treatment consists primarily of treatment of acne-affected areas of skin with special soap and drying thoroughly afterwards. It is desirable to be used and lotions which can be bought from pharmacies and specialized stores for cosmetics. Treatment procedure is repeated several times a day (morning, afternoon, evening). If the acne is more difficult to treat (not dependent on specific skin) can be taken and antibiotic. It is compliance with the diet, which excludes the consumption of products, favoring the development of acne – chocolate. It is desirable that the patient can not be wool or leather clothes that are in direct contact with skin.
Pimples are unpleasant problem for 80 percent of teenagers
Genes that help bacteria that causes acne, attacking and destroying human skin, found scientists from the University of Goettingen. The discovery will allow for development of drugs that will alleviate the situation of people suffering from skin disease.
Acne occurs during puberty when increased activity of sebaceous glands. Dead skin cells and grease block pores of the face, hands, back and chest. Acne is caused by the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, which lives in the sebaceous glands and fat foods produced from them.
Now scientists have solved Germany genetic code of the bacterium and identified 2,333 genes.
A more detailed study of the functions of some of them can answer the question of how they cause acne. According to specialists from Göttingen is not yet clear why skin disease affects some people and not others. They believe that the reason lies in the human immune system.
Suffer from acne 80% of young people. The experts nasty acne and body are the cause of many young people appear to depression, which reaches even to suicide.
Causes of acne
Heredity. Genes play an important role in the development of acne. They define the size and function of sebaceous glands. If one of your parents suffered from acne, chances of this happening to you.
Hormones. Hormones, especially testosterone, are responsible for increased fat secretion. Thus, the pores are clogged with dead cells.
Bacteria. They eat and grow fat through the skin. The bacteria cause infection of the pores.
Blackheads – comedones. Increased fat secretion leads to increased number of dead cells together with bacteria, dust and fat secretions causing obstruction of the pores. Thus appear white tips and black spots.
It is not true that
The sun always beneficial effect of acne. No! The truth is that the sun may be one of the causes buds to increase several weeks after sunbathing. If your condition gets worse in October, this may be due to the summer sun.
The cause of acne is poor hygiene. No! The presence of acne is not an indicator of dirty person. If you wash your face very often, you may worsen the situation.
Consumption of chips, soft drinks, chocolate and other foods cause acne. No! But should not overdo.
Makeup cause acne. No! However, it is advisable to use those labeled “oil free” (“fat free”).
Acne is caused by surface dirt and skin oil. No! Acne is caused by stress. No! But the peaceful way of life always has a positive effect in treatment of acne.
Acne will disappear by itself. No! You must do something about it.

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