How to reduce the appetite

FruitsThe reduction of appetite is an important task especially for those who want to lose weight. Almost everyone at some period of his life looking for one way or another to retain or regain their slender figure. In the name of her diet, even those that do not suit us, trying to suppress or reduce their appetite, suffer from hunger. As a result of this increased stress in the body, and has shown that weight removed in a state of stress will then recover. Professionals who are dealing with a healthy diet, consider that to maintain the figure, it is not required to comply with diet. You only need to control the menu and appetite and not overeat. We offer you four ways to reduce the appetite without any loads on the nervous system.
1. Increase fluid intake
Water reduces appetite. Best mineral, but in no event soda. Juices (no sugar or sweetener!) Also help to reduce appetite. Thus, besides being a very effective and is very useful for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Glass of water before meals is a wonderful tool for inclusion in the process of digestion and create a feeling of fullness in the stomach and, of course, greatly reduces appetite.
2. Reduce spices
Spices and salt does not reduce appetite. Quite the contrary – they irritate the stomach and help further the release of gastric acid, which irritates the mucous membranes. To eliminate the frustration and to neutralize the acid, the body will want more food, ie appetite will increase. Therefore, if the problem of maintaining weight or reducing appetite is current for you, forget the salty and spicy dishes.
3. Chocolate decrease the appetite
He is one of the nicest and favorite ways to reduce appetite. Not accidentally the children before eating not give them candy. You can also order for this to use candy, but it is useful to eat 2.3 pieces of bitter chocolate. And not just eat it and keep it longer in the mouth. Through receptors of the oral cavity brain receives a signal for receipt of something sweet and therefore sufficient calories, and the desire to eat will disappear.
4. Eat more fruit
If you can not in any way to fight off your appetite, consume fruits and vegetables. They will not cut it, but at least it will not satisfy many calories intake. Place an easily accessible place fruits or vegetables. In its composition, nutritional value and benefits they are preferable in comparison with croissants, pizza or hastily prepared “natural chemistry.

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