How to overcome the Autumn Depression

Depressed WomanThe Autumn produces different feelings. Some welcome this season of joy, others – with great disappointment. In some people this season occurred depression, which is exacerbated by rains and cold weather – it’s getting dark earlier, the body senses the lack of sunlight. Here are some tips that will help in combating depression, or simply – with a bad mood:
1. Plan already winter or spring holiday. Select where you want to go look for more information about opportunities and what you will find a place.
2. He built his weekend away from home or short trips interesting.
3. Many people helping and shopping – especially for women walking to the shops often smile back. Shopping will increase your mood and will cause a feeling of joy.
4. Change the thing in itself – in the hair, clothing, perfume and change. And it will load with positive energy.
5. Take care of proper lighting in the room in which you work. Bright light will help your good mood and stimulate efficiency.
6. To tackle something new – dancing, aerobics, swimming or whatever you want. Sport will help you better shape and help the body to be in good condition during winter months.
7. Meet more often with friends, going for a walk, rejoice. In general – avoid lonely nights.
8. Pamper your body with a bath with aromatic oils and salts.
9. Indulge and enjoy delicious food, but very carefully. Not worth it to beat greedily on sweet things, as often occurs with depression or bad mood. Buy as various fruits and fruit salad to make.
10. Wear clothes in bright and cheerful tsvetove.Te will help in combating depression. Darker colors create a dark and depressing mood, a bright energizing. This applies to premises where live and work
11. If you can not live without DVD, watch more engaging, “light” movies – the rest will come over time, but when the day outdoors is becoming increasingly shorter, the psyche needs less load.

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