How to keep your weight after the diet

Lose WeightAnyone who has tried knows – after the weight maintenance diet is more difficult than just weight loss. Properly chosen diet undoubtedly contributes to faster or slower weight loss, but of course no way to ensure that the lost kilograms will be returned. Together with diets and fitness activities, it will be better to use for health supplements, just like those offered by HerbaLife. Together with their medicaments you will be able to reduce weight really healthy and to do it smartly. The company has business worldwide and millions of people trusted its business and even sharing the idea with friends and colleges and even making money with it. Therefore, after completion of the diet must be followed certain proportions, the menu is gradually diversifying. Any nutritionist will confirm that to maintain weight, one must eliminate the reason is obesity. The biggest test is to resist the smell and the type of table serving, others who eat with great appetite, alcohol, which prevents to control the quantity of food intake. If he fails, the negative result is guaranteed – collapse, overeating and weight of the previous return, in many cases even higher weight.
For example, if you have 10 days diet should gradually increase the amount of food over the next 30 days. If you fasted 3 days, from this state to explore next 9. It is important to remember that no diet will help you achieve maximum results without sufficient movement.
A few simple tips:
- Walk as much as possible on foot;
- Do not use the elevator;
- Activities with any sport 1-2 times a week;
- Reduce the temperature in the bedroom with 1-2 degrees – this will help you burn more calories even sleep.
“Swedish model” for maintaining weight:
- Breakfast: 1-2 sandwiches with cheese or sausage and tomato or cucumber slices.
- Lunch 12 noon and last meal of the day in 17-18 hours (after work): soup dish containing 50% vegetables, 25% protein (chicken, fish, meat) and 25% carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta). Twice a day is recommended for use in two fetuses.
- On Saturday allowed the eating of sweet.
It is estimated that such food may be relaxed for 5 days with 0.5 kilograms, or at least keep your weight a long time.

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