How to keep your motivation to follow diet

Diet girlIt is clear: the motivation is something good and necessary. But sometimes seemed erratic – goes exactly where it’s not we want – in the middle of so good a weight loss program. And we are doing as well. Then, one day just the right direction and losing all interest in moving forward in the direction. I just noticed that our pants started to become wider and everything collapsed. And so we want to continue with the diet. But day after day, our best intentions slip and can not figure out how to motivate again. It is interesting how when motivation is high, a person feels full of energy, focused, driven to act decisively. Nothing can stand in our path and always moving in the right direction and doing things completely. But once you lose motivation, inertia prevails. We continue to say that we want to change, but we can not even go out the door. A packet of chips seems more easily achievable and desirable in planning, measuring and cooking. And yet – how to reclaim and motivation to stick to pre-selected program:
First, it is important to realize: the motivation is not constant. Do not “get” or riding freely, but must continually strive to maintain it. For this reason it is strictly an individual, ie everyone should find their own. Instead of depending on external crises which we operate, we can find a way to get up – cause reactions, to be energizing to the end, to achieving our goals. Indeed, motivation is an opportunity, not a burden or something annoying. Only with this attitude we can find the forces we need to support it.
Here are some ideas that can help us:
Make a list of at least 10 reasons why you want to lose weight or not filling. If you have already done, but something does not work, make a new one. And then remove the previous one and compare them. Every time you start to lose motivation, read your list and use it as an incentive to stick to their diligence.
If you just say “Some of the coming days I will start.” Unlikely things will happen. Whether you’re starting a new diet or back in the gym, you must stick to its decision – every day – to see results. So build a strict plan is 100% necessary. As well as careful adherence to it.
When you do not think about diet or exercise program with, it’s usually the time at which you need most from them. So (unless you are physically unwell) do not allow the mood to prejudge your actions. Think you new ways to motivate yourself and continue to follow the program – even if you do not want to do it. Then the good results are even more sweet.

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