How to keep our eyes

eyesThe pain, swelling around the eyes – these are obvious signs of eye strain. The most commonly exhaustion and excessive stress on the eyes is caused by incorrect – too bright or inadequate lighting. Experts advise to work with text in a room with soft top lighting, using an additional light source 75 or 100 watts. Problems may arise from light: incompact covered lamp casts glare on these walls and the paper on the table. Important is not to use cheap sunglasses: they protect the poor from harmful solar rays and can cause exhaustion. Also never forget periodically enable the eyes to rest: look anxiously at one point, just look at the sea thing. Avoid abrupt change of light: Do not watch TV in full darkness and do not use a flashlight to read the book. Work on your computer in low-lit room where the screen is no more than 3-4 times as bright from the main lighting. The monitor is good to be away from windows or other light sources and should be a slightly lower level at a distance 35-40 cm
Do not use eye drops constantly, but only when you really need. If the symptoms go, you should go with ophthalmologists to ensure that no case of more serious causes.

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