How to get rid of headaches without medicines

Headache manThe Folk medicine has in its treasury “cure for all pain. Some non-traditional methods are easy to implement and in some cases does not help, at least it certainly does no harm. Here are some tips for when experiencing headache, but still do not want to chop to pain medications.
1. Headache is useful to take a hot bath or at least naparyat feet in hot water for 10-15 minutes.
If pain occurred in response to mental and emotional exhaustion, these procedures are actually very appropriate. Called. headache often associated with anxiety and concern, so we need the body to relax and calm. Warm bath, especially with the addition of lavender oil in water is simply indispensable in such cases. It takes internal tension, relaxes muscles, the blood begins to move more actively and pain go away. If the headache is accompanied by increased heart rate, discomfort in the heart or the feeling of breathlessness, it is better to opt out of the tub. Put your feet to the ankles in hot water and take some mild sedative. Procedures with hot water not suitable for people with blood vessel problems – hypertension, varicose veins or thrombophlebitis.
2. Cut chopped garlic grater caught received and placed on the temples for 15 minutes.
This recipe may help especially to women suffering from premenstrual syndrome or are in menopause, but also to all who have increased irritability and quickly get tired.
3. Mechanical means to remove the headaches – massage. In the course of 10-15 minutes gently, without pressure points in the rub between the eyes, forehead and nose.
Here again it is a headache, whose cause is stress. In these cases, massage actually has a positive effect. If headaches occur for long, however, tension in neck and back at work (eg computer), this method will hardly help. Much better results will be achieved if during the entire time you stick to certain rules. At your workplace you must have a proper stand – to be propped back to back, legs are leaning against the floor at an angle of 90 degrees, elbows are not hanging in the air, but the monitor screen is located just in front of you, slightly lower from eye level. Do not forget to make breaks – every 45 minutes is good to have a 10-minute break during which you become and costs less.

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