Honey helps for losing weight

HoneyHoney is rich in different nutrients. Centuries as it heal wounds, lung and gynecological, skin and heart disease. According to statistics in about one third of the drugs used honey bee venom, propolis, beeswax. In a drop of honey contained more than 70 important to the human body substances are the main carbohydrates – glucose and fructose, which unlike ordinary sugar used by the body much more easily contribute to the preservation of muscle strength and normal growth.
Honey and diet
Indeed this very caloric product can be used regularly and simultaneously weakening. It contains enzymes that stimulate digestive processes and improve the metabolism, which helps to reduce weight. Contained in the copper proteins involved in the formation of hormones. Mineral substances regulate the nervous system, respiratory tissues and the production of blood. Regular use of honey enhances the immune system.
Honey and computer
Using honey can protect your eyes from redness, fatigue and computer radiation. Honey is capable enters the body through the skin. Place linden honey on their fingertips and for 5-6 minutes rub the neck to the redness. If honey absorbed, repeat the procedure two or three times. If this area of the body constantly absorbs copper, it means that you lack any nutrients. If honey is not absorbed, prepare your hot tub (35-40 degree water) and lie in it for 10-15 minutes. Repeat procedure twice a week – it has a beneficial effect of the glass body of the eye and improves vision.
Honey and masks
In ancient times have used honey to preserve freshness and beauty of the skin of the face. Today masks with honey are very popular. Mix 1 teaspoon honey with 1 egg yolk and brush spread over the face, leave it to act for 20 minutes. This mask is very useful for people with oily and normal skin. For dry skin mask is recommended, which consists of equal parts honey and cream – it smooths wrinkles and makes skin soft and supple. Mixture consisting of 1 / 4 cup honey and the juice of half a lemon will enhance the color of the face will lighten the skin and make freckles and pigment spots less visible.
Compatibility Test
Before any of the procedures, make sure the honey does not cause in you any allergic reactions. For this purpose apply a small amount of skin behind the ear and leave it for 10-15 minutes. If no itching or irritation occur, then everything is fine. If rash occurs, this honey is not suitable for you, but maybe another f.

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