Herbs for kidney problems

BearberryThe Ureter with kidney and urinary bladder forming apparatus. Kidneys are one of the most important organs, and violations of their function and bladder are dangerous to life. The most serious signs of disease were severe thirst, paleness, excessive fatigue, swollen eyelids, pain in the sacrum gore area, interference with urination, cloudy or reddish urine. A disease of the bladder in – burning pain when urinating and frequent urge to urinate. Kidney disease must be treated by a specialist urologist. But in less severe forms of medical treatment can be combined with drinking healing herbal teas. Herbal teas stimulate kidney activity, dehydration, disinfected and analgesia. Recommended by my herbs are suitable for addition to the primary therapy of acute and chronic kidney inflammation with sand and stones in the kidneys and diseases of the bladder.
1. Bearberry- 2 tsp of herb leaves steep for 12 hours, flooded with 1 / 4 liters of cold water. After setting cloth is heated to boiling, wait a bit to cool in the liquid and stir 1 / 5 tsp baking soda.
Daily dose: 3 teaspoons of tea (unsweetened).
2. Leaves of wild strawberries – 20 g dry leaves are boiled for 10 minutes in 200 ml of water, steep for 2 hours and then drink the liquid is strained.
Daily dose: 4 times 1 tbsp
3. Combined herbal mixture – 5 g of mint leaves, 10 g and 20 g of horsetail Bearberry mix well. 2 tsp of the mixture is poured with 250 ml, mix well and leave to stand for 12 hours. Strain liquid to boil on the hot plate. It stirred 1 / 5 tsp baking soda.
Daily dose: drink to 3 times during the day.

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