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Man Woman RestaurantWhen you dine with a man, woman often select foods with less calories than if you eat with friends or alone. This is the conclusion to which we are researchers from the University McMaster in Ontario, Canada. Meredith Young, head of the department of psychology, neurology and behavior cited by the BBC, noted that the choice of food and obviously affects the company. During their observations of the Canadian scientists found that women who dine in the company of one or more men selected food containing fewer calories than those fed in female company. Moreover – the larger the number of men in the company, less calories were enough for the woman to feed. “We often forget that food is a social activity. People choose the company that will be fed and their mentality is prepared by the earlier of what you choose for lunch,” says Yang.
In her explanation of the above fact is that the food industry to focus its ads on the female part of society – in the clips of the various products most often consistent attractive looking women, but not those with average or overweight. “Thus, the choice of food begins to depend on how people perceive us about our choice, ie, what remain of the opinion ourselves. As for the men of the Canadian psychologists observations show that mankind did not pay particular attention to the quantity or food or whether to eat in the company of men, women or mixed.

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