Foot and Nails care

NailsAlthough the feet are one of the most visible body parts (especially for male eyes), they need daily care – just like brushing your teeth. To keep your feet in optimum condition is not sufficient to keep only the elementary rules of hygiene. Are needed special care at least from time to time without necessarily attending a beauty salon. Cuticles around nails require periodic coating of a special tool to soften them, to make it easier to be removed. The feet should be spread with softening and moisturizing cream, and then massaged. It is necessary to use tools that are designed specifically for feet and have a number of specific properties – anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, softening, etc. People often visit a sauna and swimming pool, should benefit and means to counteract the emergence of fungi, because high temperatures and humidity promote the development of infection. Nails should be trimmed regularly (at least once every 2 weeks) using a nail or nail-cutter. Corners must be rounded to no shave the skin. If necessary they can pile and with colorless nail polish that protects nails from fungus and mechanical damage.
Nails can be polished with so-called. files for polishing, in which the best brands is covered with silk or silk threads. Polish must be made when nails are dry, so as not to damage the natural protective layer beneath them. All of these procedures, of course, bear the name resounding “pedicure” which in Latin literally means “treatment steps. This procedure should be performed 1-2 times a month at home or in a beauty salon.
In beauty salons offer most pedicure 3 types: classical, hardware and spa. The classic pedicure is ideal in order to bring even the most neglected feet. It can be done at home, but without rubbing the feet on which are biologically active points, contributing to good health and the extraordinary ease of mind. Professionals will help you with problems and callus or rough skin. The only assistant in your self-control callus can be special patches that are available in pharmacies. Hardware (also called dry) pedicure includes grinding of rough places and the nails using a machine that resembles a drill. Its merits are quite convincing – even the most brutal legs are soft and gentle, and nails, if ever in my life are not “seen” pedicure is handled easily and efficiently. The procedure ends with a special massage of the feet.
Spa pedicure includes additional care for the skin on the feet, massage and aromatherapy, but it is not suitable legs, which have been neglected. Skin of the foot is treated with a lotion, gel, cleansing and moisturizing masks, oils. This is the most pleasant procedure for the feet, which makes their skin especially soft.

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