Fitness on the beach

fitness beachFitness room is not the only place to practice. The beach is great place to workout without it perceived as punishment. Fitness on the beach is a way to maintain diversity in his training regime and have fun. There is much that can substitute for time spent in the gym and provide benefits for your health without even having seen them training. Furthermore, our muscles tend to adapt and get used to the same gym workout, but do not get the improvements in the figures, which are striving for. You can combine running, walk along the soft sand, swimming, games. Beach games and fun at the same time loaded different muscle groups and burn calories. Return for some time in the childhood years and offer your friends to play tag. This game will be moved and expanded the whole body. After a break, begin to submit frisbi. That would heavily upper back muscles and hands. And if you find enough players, you can even play some soccer or volleyball game. These games are fun, easy and useful, and they may even include your dog.
Walk on the beach is also a great fitness workout. Select the area near the water, caused by themselves and trying to not with wet legs. Relaxation take part in games of any child and help him to make a pit or a sand castle. Clam and stones that will work for strengthening cross your hamstring. Beach jogging is classic and works for almost all muscle, but there are some rules. You should evaluate the difference between hard and soft sand. Hard sand that is dark, damp sand near the water. More mild and gentle in the upper area of the beach. Run on soft sand, landing a first finger and aim to burial in sand. Tilt slightly forward so that one will ever fall just before fingers. When run on hard sand, follow the same rules, but a slight burial fingers. Choose equal areas for this type of fitness training, because if you run a slant, it loads the back and could easily hurt his ankle or knee. It is very important to heat and strained muscles before you start jogging and beyond.
You can walk or run into the sea. Because the resistance of the water, it is more difficult and much more for all muscle groups than in normal conditions, but is also helpful and pleasant. There is even a method of treatment with sea water, called thalassotherapy. This method is especially useful for blood circulation, metabolism, immune system and hormones. Swimming in salt water helps to good health and appearance of the skin, and successfully combat cellulite. At sunrise or sunset is a great time for yoga or Pilates. Deploy on your beach towel and practice of postures and stretching of the spindle body. A brave of you to practice any extreme sports. In water skiing, or Windy keysaft will be great fun, but they will considerably tired and sweaty. Even more than exercises in the fitness room. These sports should be practiced with an instructor and special equipment. In windsurfing sail is used, in keysaft – kite. The keysaft is more dangerous because it can do high jumps and flight of 20-30 meters. Sometimes it is difficult to control and can be brought back into the sea or to land on someone suddenly distracted young accumbent beach.

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