Feeding in proper hours is important for normal weight

Milk FoodAll have at least heard that in order to maintain the good shape it takes more or less to move – depending on what you do during the day. Now to this recommendation by nutritionists of the United States Northwestern University (Northwestern University) added one more – to eat at the right times. In their irregular diet and eat especially at night when the body needs a rest, will inevitably lead to adding unnecessary weight. In this process, called play a major role. circadian rhythms, which control the distribution of energy in the body – ie our internal clock. “The cause of the thickening is not just in the genes, and calorific value of the products,” said experts quoted by the BBC, “but in the circadian biology of the organism. Eating at the right time is essential to avoid weight gain in our calculations could become a major factor in reducing the epidemic of obesity, which to date has affected over 300 million people worldwide. According to American nutritionists Poor nutrition is contrary to the natural rhythms laid down in the body. Why compliance with the diet significantly influenced weight gain.
The observations showed that feeding in hours when the body’s normal sleep, leading to 48% more weight accumulation. The molecular mechanisms underlying the circadian rhythms are responsible both for the distribution of energy and time of waking and sleeping, and the balance between intake and calories expended.

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