Epidemic of insomnia is harassing any age

InsomniaThe Epidemic of insomnia harassing any old way of life for modern young man is even more disturbing. And this is not because old conflict between the generations, but because of unhealthy daily to acclimate to today’s youth, says British experts. The British doctors have carried out consultation with several thousand boys and girls aged between 12 and 16 Nearly 25 percent of them recognize that regular sleep include television, radio or computer, because they can not be divided by their favorite “toys” while the dream is not destroyed them. bedroom modern young man is full of equipment and much more like a multimedia center, rather than a place to rest, the researchers comment. This lifestyle is reflected in poor health. About 40 percent of respondents admit that they feel tired and always available, but the explanation is simple – they sleep on average 4 to 7 hours a day, ie well below the recommended average of 8 hours. While only 20 percent said they understood the importance of a healthy and continuous dream. British experts even bring term to illustrate the fact that the generation growing concerns over the dream, and considers it “a waste of time.
According to data from the statistics in the modern world more than 45 percent of adults not chronically insomnia, where 20 percent of people with sleep disorders acquire signs of disease. The trend that emerges in the new generation has more to worry about, consider the British experts, that if mankind continues it soon will be talking about an epidemic of insomnia, which has serious consequences on health.

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