Diet against osteoporosis

OsteoporosisCan a diet to fight against osteoporosis? It has been shown that regular physical activity and diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, prevents osteoporosis. This insidious disease withers 1 / 3 of women in the world, but can it be prevented. Unhealthy lifestyles, which lead people, especially Western Europeans, leading to high morbidity rate of osteoporosis, a progressive increase. Low physical activity and high consumption of animal protein (meat and dairy products) are the main risk factors for osteoporosis, or “quiet thief who robbed 25% of the skeleton, as it is called disease. Postmenopausal women suffer most and have an increased risk of broken bones. Thinning of the bones, along with age, can be avoided or at least delayed through the adoption of certain changes in lifestyle. One of them is sufficient to obtain such mineral calcium from an early age, not only to remember when old. The main error in the diet of modern man is the consumption of large amounts of animal protein (meat and dairy products) and inadequate plant foods (fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts).
Foods that are rich in animal proteins are acid formation. As the body strives to maintain normal levels of acid in the blood neutralizes them by calcium and sodium – the two main alkaline agent. When sodium is depleted, the body uses calcium from the bones. Although milk is rich in calcium, it contains proteins which are acid formation, for example increased its consumption leads to thinning of the bones.

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