Dental problems are a chain of consequences from the lack of hygiene

Dental ProblemsSome believe that healthy teeth should be washed after each meal, but this is not true. Only two hours after feeding on the teeth begin to form a coating. If he is not removed in 12 hours, this place begins to form tartar. The Dental Insurance Blog reported about research of English Dentists. Tartar can cause gum inflammation, increased mobility of teeth and unpleasant smell in the mouth. Moreover, it contributes to the development of caries. The easiest way to preserve the health of your teeth and gums is regular cleaning of the teeth (n less than twice daily), rinsing the mouth with special fluids, the use of sutures for teeth. Oral hygiene will be most effective, if their choice of toothpaste, toothbrush, etc., consult a dentist. In addition to the rules of personal hygiene, twice a year to visit a dentist for examination and prophylactic removal of tartar. Do not delay this visit – every one of the problems associated with the gums and teeth discovered at an early stage, be treated much easier, and much cheaper.
Prevention of caries should begin even in childhood. Modern techniques help reduce the risk of developing caries in children. In the countries of Western Europe increasingly apply such a procedure, such as sealing fissures of teeth. Dentists recommend that it be done for 1-1,5 years from the time of emergence of permanent molars rear.

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