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Chinese MedicineOnce a certain noble and virtuous Chinese was stricken by an unknown disease. Featured glorified his Ph.D. It Hua (now the name of that doctor has medicine to improve blood circulation in the brain). Doctor welcomed with great honors and ducts it to the patient. Practitioner silence the pulse of the patient, examined his tongue and held without gratitude large sum of money. Only the threshold casually: “I will send the recipe on the servant.” He said it very impolite. When the servant brought the paper, it appeared that it was not written prescription and a curse. Virtuous dignitary, known for his patience and fairness, he was really shocked by the attitude of Dr. Hua and it fell into a real rage. From his throat blood in. .. he recovered. It turned out that the reason for his illness was long and suppressing anger offish.
In this parable concludes the main principles of Chinese medicine – to treat the cause rather than investigation. The reason for each disease according to ancient Chinese harmony is disturbed. The man is indissolubly linked with the surrounding environment and the scale itself is a kind of universe. On this scale the universe is fundamentally inherent balance between emptiness and fullness, hot and cold, dark and light. At the heart of ancient Chinese medicine lie philosophical doctrines, including those known to Europeans and-jing (Book of changes) and Feng Shui.
To rationalize the ancient healing practices, it is necessary to know the teachings derived from two theories: the theory “yin-yang, which regulates the interaction between male and female principle and the theory of ‘usin’ that explains the interaction of five parvoelementa ( metal, wood, water, fire and earth). According to ancient Chinese five solid “Zanello” body – liver, kidneys, heart, spleen and lungs – are associated with six hollow “fu” organs (small and large intestines, stomach, and gall bladder, etc.) by system of 12 energy meridians, which moves energy qi. In the course of human life balance is affected by the imbalance between movement and rest, heat and cold, and the poor intake of food and liquids. Difficulty circulation of qi leads to the emergence of diseases. So-called reflex by acting at different points, corresponding to the meridians, and using breathing exercises can restore circulation of qi and to cure disease. Otherwise, all diseases of civilization (those that result from sedentary lifestyles, poor diet and harmful habits) distort the proper operation of the authorities. It should and needs to be returned to its natural bed.
The Chinese have a concept and its psychosomatic illnesses. Too strong or prolonged emotional experiences such as joy, anger, anxiety, grief, disappointment, fear and surprise violate the harmony and are harmful to the body.
Although there are similarities with other treatment systems (eg Ayurveda), ancient Chinese medicine is an independent, entirely specific phenomenon. Its uniqueness lies in the incredible complexity and detail in the presentation of how the body works. This can be seen on the scheme for the movement of the meridians with hundreds of active points, or map that depicts all the bodies through the surface of the ear conch.
This system is really streamlined and sophisticated. It presents the functioning of the organism in such amazingly small details that hardly could be developed on a purely empirical way. Even over the centuries. According to people involved with Chinese medicine long ago, it was introduced from outside. The Chinese have inherited from her much more highly developed nations. According to ancient legends, the philosophical doctrine was given by the gods. Many contemporaries attributed the doctrine of the sons of one of the most ancient civilizations – that of Atlanta. According to another theory, such as qualitative knowledge about the human body are closely connected with the system of spiritual practices and developing their land east single combat. Through special training, which include not only training the body but the mind and working with meditation, one may find in myself any special abilities, feel, and sometimes even see the movement of qi energy. Naturally, this is now enabling units. Selected – the people who appear simultaneously and spiritual leaders and healers. Traditions of strangers monks and eastern single combat helped spread this knowledge. They gradually built an orderly system in maintaining the most efficient operation and rapid recovery of the organism. So far science could not explain the amazing capabilities of Chinese medicine, pulse diagnosis and principles of acupuncture. It has been scientifically proven that treatment of certain diseases using synthetic drugs leads to impasse and not only recovered, but it destroys.
Should not idealize traditional Chinese medicine and think that it does not require the conquest of the West. Quite the contrary. Chinese perception of anatomy has always been very primitive. Their tradition does not allow an autopsy of carcasses. Acute inflammatory diseases, diseases requiring surgical intervention or any other emergency measures to save life – in all these areas western medicine has gone much further. Traditional medicine, however, is doing worse with chronic diseases, many of which it considers directly incurable. In this direction, Chinese medicine can do what the west can not. Reconciliation of Western and Eastern medicine can be very effective even in the direction of such terrible diseases as cancer and AIDS.
An example of such a union is a unique health care system in China, where modern medicine and the people there are on equal footing. Doctors are trained in traditional healing methods in medical schools. Medicines produced by ancient recipes based on natural products go through clinical trials, receive a certificate and began to be produced from pharmaceutical companies. The official Western medicine gradually absorb this positive experience. Acupuncture has long been recognized and complete arsenal of tools to treat diseases of the nervous system and others. Some clinical trials of traditional products have earned the trust of the physicians because of its efficient operation. Holistic (comprehensive) approach in medicine is gradually establishing itself as the most perspective. A fusion of East and West, the interpenetration of cultures brings us the possibility of fully embracing the world, which is the value and the Chinese and the universal philosophy.
Synthetic drugs are now in their heyday. And with the success of this tactic became apparent in the treatment and its drawbacks. Namely the development of addiction to certain drugs, tolerance to their action and, respectively, reducing their effectiveness and others. What is the alternative to all this? Methods of influence, including the “game” and the protective forces of organism itself. The resources of Chinese folk medicine in this regard have special properties. Of human beings have inherent protective effects of two types. Katatoksichna to quickly overcome the danger (fever infections in active recovery in case of injuries) and sintoxic that “reconciles” with amendments to the organism’s internal and external environment. The balance of these two systems response is very important to say it infringes under the influence of the environment and unhealthy lifestyles. Prolonged stress in the body’s inability to switch to reaction leading to psychosomatic disorders, who suffer from cardiovascular and immune system. Common infectious diseases in the body’s inability to mobilize its forces to respond with reaction leading to chronic inflammatory processes. Constitutes a closed circuit, the outcome of which is not so easy. Most preparations, which works with Chinese medicine, contain substances that have both sintoxic and katatoxic action. This combination of features opens great prospects for the treatment of vascular and especially of chronic diseases.

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