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Winter usually acts depressing

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

WinterFor more than six percent of the population snow, snowman skating and not launch a winter wonderland, and the gloomy mood that can only get better with the arrival of spring. Seasonal emotional disorder (SEDs) is a form of clinical depression with atypical symptoms – increased feelings of fatigue, increased appetite, irritability, feelings of hopelessness, lethargy and lack of interest in doing everyday activities. Symptoms are exacerbated in December and continue until late spring, summer fade and come back again in winter. Seasonal depression is different from typical depression that depends on the calendar. Also – unlike the standard form – patients with SEDs tend to be sleeping and suicide, not troubled. This condition affects mostly young people and women of childbearing age, though it is not clear why. SEDs with women than men by a ratio 4:1 SEDs. The SEDs rarely occurs in women at menopause, which allows the specialists to believe that hormonal changes play a role in pathophysiology. Although physicians have an understanding of the characteristics of SEDs, yet little is known how and why these features occur. Biology is still unknown,” said Dr. Douglas Jacobs, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Harvard. He says the leading theory on the problem, whereby the reduction of sunlight in winter, probably affect the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin.

Depression threats

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

DepressionWhether you would be aware of your condition if you suffer from depression? Placing such a diagnosis is difficult even for specialists, because there are a number of other conditions that mimic the symptoms and course of the disease. Feeling depressed? Unfortunately, you are certainly not just you. As a rule, female sex is up to 2 times more affected by depression than men. In fact, every fourth woman falls into that state at some point in her life, hard statistics.
How do we know if we are just sad or depressed?
Sadness and anxiety are feelings that everyone experiences. In contrast, depression is a specific clinical condition that affects the functioning of your body, mood and thoughts. In order to be placed really serious depression diagnosis should feel extremely sad or apathetic to the world around you. It must also meet at least four of the following seven criteria:
• Sharp are gaining or losing weight or your appetite without being challenged him for his purpose.
• Insomnia or excessive sleepiness.
• Unusual lethargy or agitation and difficulty getting out of bed.
• Living lack of energy and chronic fatigue.
• Low or unreasonable evaluations of guilt.
• Difficulty in concentration, thinking and decision making.
• Common suicidal thoughts

Diseases often start by … thinks

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

couple thinkingCold weather is not helping the good mood. Our world seems grim, uncomfortable, devoid of color, and respiratory infections exhibit its activity. Colds and depression are often perceived as a given, which is useless to fight. But as some recent research, disease began to say in our head! If a person has depressed mood because of bad weather, troubles in life, stressful situations, it also affects his health. Immune system in this case is activated very slowly. If you have an optimistic attitude, then the immune cells are formed in much larger quantities and more actively protect the body. Therefore, biologists conclude that we can program your own body’s defense in favor of health. Use the power of thought, they advise. Suggests its permanent: “Durable and I will fight any infection. If you constantly “bringing in their subconscious that information, you can activate the immune system. Much can be achieved using autogenous training and yoga. And today, doctors at odds over the treatment of cold and cold. Cold is a good preventive tool – two opinions about it will! It sounds paradoxical, but this method has proven to be very effective: from time to time go out on the street for a few minutes only in a T-shirt even in cold weather. The cold stimulates immune cells and begin to actively proliferate. Even more noteworthy are the long walks in cold weather, but of course, well-dressed. Body reacts to cold air with increased circulation – resurgent defense mechanism. Of course, protect us from infections not only good mood and positive emotions. This period is very important and proper nutrition. Immune cells require vitamin C which is contained in large quantities especially in citrus fruits.

10 ways to avoid the grayness of everyday life

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Woman CleaningShopping, cooking, cleaning, caring for family and children. A couple of years, such a life and a man is ready to ask him just what I expected … Many try to escape from this vicious circle, and leave a job – whatever, just be more away from home. The main problem is denial of the hosts of their own interests and the interests of the adopting family members, namely this is the sense of frustration, lack of impressions and lack of self-realization. Life, which consists of 24 hours a day housework less time for sleep, not at all interesting and exciting. To get pleasure and joy of life should not do imprudence or “burn bridges behind him – just enough to adjust their way of life, psychologists say. What can you do? Surely some of these suggestions will seem quite irrelevant, but still – everyone finds satisfaction in various endeavors. For some absurd is the most logical to others.
1. Do not stay all day with the children.
Will be difficult to explain to her husband that he has broken his mother to rent and babysitter. But very easy to explain that a woman with two children who require constant care and attention, can not remain attractive and interesting without personal time. Even middle-income families can not afford to hire a helper, at least once a week which will free you from some duties.
2. Every day schedule at least one exit.
Staying at home to ensure a shortage impressions unhealthy color of the face and gradually neglect. What will you do outside the home each person must choose according to individual interests – cinema, exhibitions, coffee with friends, etc. Even daily walks with the dog helps good physical shape and color of a fresh face.

No use of violence in the education of children

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

ChildParents do not always consciously spank the child. In most cases this happens when you lose patience and fall into despair. Sometimes they can only hurt the child so that several times he repeated that it should not be done if a child has heard them. “All parents know how annoying and insulting is when children do not listen to them, but the outcome of the situation is not violence,” said a team of specialists. According to the results of their study commissioned by the American Academy of Pediatrics, 25 percent of families with two parents beat their children at least once a week. These 25 percent are of the opinion that this method of education helps. But actually it is only superficial results, scientists refute them: “As a rule, children are often struck by their parents as an educational method, begin to lie, they develop children’s aggression, anger and other deviations from their social behavior. These children are unable to make much needed and important difference between “good and bad,” they more often than others behave incorrectly behind the back “of their parents. Therefore unlikely that method of education can be defined as effective.
Experts offer several alternatives to the far better and lasting results:
1. Be firm and patient – the child will surely hear you if you speak firmly, but not with increased tone.
2. Pause – if you tell your child that you are now very angry and will therefore return to this issue later, in that it is not bad. It is better to postpone for a few minutes to talk and relax than to apply force.

How colors affect health

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

ColorsDid you wondered why a person buys clothes in bright colors, and another – in the dark? Why do you uncomfortable you are in a room with red wallpaper and feel much better in a room with blue walls?
In fact, these preferences are not random. Science has proven that the surrounding colors affect our mood and health. More than half a century, Swiss psychologist Lucsher has developed a diagnostic method of color that made it famous. Through it you can determine the mental state of people at any given time. The test is very simple – to be arranged on a “like me – I do not like ‘eight square a different color from most pleasant to most unpleasant. The four main colors in the palette, specify the nature of man: navy blue, cyan, orange-red and pale yellow, and four additional colors (black, gray, brown and violet) provides information on the situation at the time of the survey. Treatment with colors (chromotherapy) is now quite popular. The impact of color on the body and nervous system has several proven facts – for example, that the red part of the spectrum exciting and warm, and blue – calm and cool. According to psychologists, if a man is tired of the same color, he subconsciously seek contact with the opposite. And this leads to a change in his condition. So the red color always affects the physical condition yellow – the mental, and blue – the emotional. Violet increasing intellectual activity, but it can be quite dangerous – to overuse it leads to depressive state. Therefore not recommended and painting large surfaces at home with him, especially in the nursery – a child’s psyche is too fragile.

6 important steps against excessive shyness

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Shy girlTo overcome the timidity of course the most important thing is to understand the reasons that cause it. Modesty does not describe the entire human character but shows a part of his conduct. Often this is related to incorrect understanding of what others think about you. If you feel that you condemn others that do not love you or that you are not as good as them, this leads to constant tension. Worst outcome of your timidity and insecurity can lead to the other to receive you as arrogant, surly and uncommunicative man. In fact, the explanation is quite different – you are trapped by their own feelings and are unable to separate consideration of others. Afraid to speak and express their true thoughts and feelings and thus be deprived of many pleasures.
Here are some important steps that will help to overcome their timidity:
1. Make an effort to stop and get excited about what others think about you. Those who are worth to communicate, will judge you not only your external events, but also by what person you really are.
2. Set on a positive wave. Rather than aim for perfection, look at their real strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone can be your opinion, which does not mean that they treat you negatively.
3. Evaluate other honestly and do not attribute bad intentions. Instead you think that you despise, believe that you see in an equivalent man.

Foods against stress

Monday, January 4th, 2010

VegetablesOf course today is to speak and write more about the importance of stress on health. Studies are exported fresh evidence that excessive pressure does not determine our only bad mood. Can now be considered proven that people under chronic stress are most vulnerable to various diseases – from “innocent” colds to chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. There are many ways and approaches to reduce the negative impact of stress on our health. One of them is the correct selection of food.
Foods against stress: How It Works
Level of chemical mechanisms are few. For example cup oatmeal raises the levels of serotonin – a hormone that increases the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Other foods does lower the level of adrenaline and cortisol – a stress hormone whose quantity increases in the body during prolonged high level of tension. And last but not least: a well chosen diet helps to counter the effects of stress by strengthening the immune system and lowers blood pressure.
Complex carbohydrates
All carbohydrates increase the production of serotonin. Particularly useful in combating stress are complex carbohydrates that are assimilated more slowly, ie operate for longer. Good choices are whole grain breads and snacks, as already mentioned, and oatmeal. Complex carbohydrates help and a sense of calm and confidence as stabilize blood sugar.
Simple carbohydrates
Dietitians often recommend that you avoid simple carbohydrates like sweets and soda. But in this case those foods in the short term, give quite a good effect on reducing the effects of stress (eg irritability). Digest the simple sugars are rapidly leading to a rapid influx of serotonin.

Stress directly affects the heart

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Man StressThis British study shows, spread over 10 thousand. According to the results of its people under the age of 50 who are subjected to daily stress in 70% more cases develop some cardio-vascular disease. The man who suffers from stress every day – at work or in their personal lives, have less time to travel and eat properly, still showing the data published in European Heart Journal. Early observations was placed back in the 60′s, but most results were collected after 1980 among surveyed have people of different ages and different backgrounds and professions – from owners of successful companies to sanitation and Messengers. To establish scientifically how patients feel in their environment, scientists have observed different outcomes such as heart rate, blood pressure, physical activity and strength of stress hormones – cortisol in their blood. Are reported and their diet, possible use of alcohol and cigarettes. For the whole period were recorded and incidence of cardiovascular diseases and their consequences. “Throughout all the years of observations we found that chronic stress leads directly to cardiovascular diseases and that connection becomes clearer in both sexes before the age of 50 years”, says team leader at the time Dr. Chandola Taranee by University College London.

Some tips for good mood

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

SmileHere are some tips that hopefully will help you always wake up filled with energy and a willingness to work.
1. Instead of staring the week suppressed the countless tasks that you expect and require a solution, its composition from the evening (or morning coffee) a list of what you must do and by when. Thus better plan their time and succeeded in doing everything according to its term.
2. Try to plan each day and picnic, which will help you relax: watching movies, meeting friends, bath with aromatic oils, and massage.
3. Organize your workplace on Friday afternoon. Last hours of the week are generally less productive. But they are better able to deal with the accumulated notes on his desk and leave only what will be needed on Monday. Clean workplace creates a feeling of freshness, one quickly adjusts to work and concentrate on urgent tasks.
4. Begin the day (not just Monday!) With exercise. Studies show that as a result of the exercise is made serotonin, which prevents the onset of depression and pessimistic. 30 minutes of exercise is beneficial for the heart and help you feel a burst of energy. This time is enough to open up the pores, skin, believe it or not, has a great bearing on the mood.

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