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Cocoa helps most for high blood pressure

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

CocoaAll who are convinced that tea works best for their increased blood pressure, are in error – a piece of chocolate is far more effective, say German scientists. Any food rich in cocoa reduces blood as much as a cup of green or black tea could not show it in the publication of his study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine. Its results show that cocoa reduces the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems by 10-20%. And cocoa and tea contain polyphenols – chemical class of substances known to favorably affect the cardiovascular system. However, polyphenols in cocoa are of a different type – pro-cyanids that are more efficient. Polyphenols contained in fruits and vegetables. So now the most popular recommendation for people with cardiovascular problems is to use larger quantities through them. However, Cocoa is rich in these substances is much more effective, say German scientists and warned: “Do not reach for each piece of chocolate – dark would be done only necessary.

Why Japanese cuisine is considered as healthy?

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Japanese dishThe nutrition in the Land of the Rising Sun features an age-old traditions, many of which have remained unchanged for centuries. The Japanese believe that it can truly created miracles: healing and rejuvenation of the body. It is believed that the Japanese diet may increase stamina, strengthen the impoverished health and literally make a man forget about age. Although in recent years the Japanese are increasingly interested in European dishes, they remain supporters of traditional Japanese cuisine products: rice, vegetables, fish and seafood. Japanese cuisine continues to retain its unique character. It is characterized by the dominance of plant protein and fat intake are primarily of marine products – in a word, it is low calorie. What exactly are the basic rules of nutrition in Japan.
Rule № 1: small portions
Each of us can eat as much food and for a short time so that it is difficult to realize how much is actually held.
Japanese eat small meals and this is of benefit not only the body but also for aesthetic perception. So if you’re fans of good nutrition, but still you can not abstain in quantities change their dishes – small plates will be very difficult for displaying large amounts of food. Thus, during the first week will reduce the amount of portions of okolo1 / 5 in a second – with 1 / 4. So after 3-4 weeks without any effort would have reduced the usual portion twice before. Moderation in the diet really is the foundation of good health. “To eat less” – this is the formula for deliverance from all diseases, occurring as a result of saturation and poisoning.

Who should give up from coffee?

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Woman CoffeeSince childhood we are convinced that coffee is harmful because it increases blood pressure and although several new studies showed that moderate use does not cause injury either hypertensive or healthy people, this remains a controversial drink. In fact, blood pressure to rise 15-20 minutes after drinking a cup of coffee, but as it appears that its effect is negligible and only very briefly. It can not be talking about negative effects of coffee on people suffering from hypertension or even less – for provoking a hypertensive crisis. Modern studies show that 1 to 4 cups of coffee is not detrimental to health but if the daily limit (ie more than 300 ml) is crossed, you may experience serious problems. When women can disrupt the menstrual cycle. People suffering from cardiac arrhythmia, episodes of nausea, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous tics, insomnia, increased levels of nervousness and anxiety should also be very attentive to this drink. We must not forget that caffeine is contained in many of confectionery, soft drinks, ice cream and in some medicinal preparations. On the other hand can not be denied that in many cases, coffee has a beneficial effect on health. Its use helps to focus attention, improve mood, increase vitality, relieve headache condition, the muscles of the airways and stimulating work of muscles.

Platinum does not jeopardize the treatment of cancer patients

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Platinum CancerThis grim myth is simply one of the most common misconceptions among Cancer. There are tumors in which no platinum therapy is generally ineffective and there is no reason to apply chemotherapy. This applies to cancer of the ovary, bladder and lungs. Only when pronounced as renal pathology underlying condition for the treatment of tumors not use platinum, although in this case, the benefit of therapy is considerably less. Another issue is that in breast cancer, for example, platinum preparations only be used if the tumor does not respond to standard chemotherapy regimens. But to believe that there is a strong preparation of platinum and that this medicine all treatment options have been exhausted, we should not. Platinum is effective in some tumors, but in others it is quite useless. And there are hormone-dependent tumors such as breast cancer, especially in the elderly, cancer of the uterus, prostate gland, which in any case miotherapy is more effective than hormone therapy. It applies only in cases where the tumor is not susceptible to treatment with hormones. Moreover! There are more than ten different theories about the occurrence of oncological diseases. All of these hypotheses are, however, are not proven and does not help to prevent this disease. Prevention of cancer does not exist. So did many charlatans lately pile of money as promised “cure” for cancer, what is most worrying in this case is that people who have access to oncological dispensaries to physicians who may help them, especially if their disease is in its infancy, trust other healer.

Electronic Cigarette for Healthy Smoking

Friday, December 4th, 2009

CigaretteReally smoking is quite negative habit for people all over the world. The cigarettes are making hundreds of illness to people and cause many problems with blood, heart, while livers and others. One of the most popular solutions of this problem comes with the technology. The electronic cigarettes are one of the newest and most popular inventions, both in Bulgaria and worldwide. Have been created to quench the thirst of sworn smoker, not nicotine to hunger, but rather to the habit of lighting a cigarette and smoke it passionate. Really electronic cigarettes in any case can not replace real, but are so designed as to resemble in all of its original is. Electronic cigarettes have a diode at the beginning of every Egyptian manuscripts, which in turns pulling to simulate real. Even more interesting comes that jerk even dropped cigarette smoke in your mouth as if you’re a real fire. Electronic cigarettes are almost completely harmless and make smoking One habit that is harmful to you, but also for people around you. Using electronic cigarettes, many smokers find solace from the stressful day, soothe your nerves, to quench their thirst cigarette smoke, it is not harmful. Still the subject of fierce debate, the electronic cigarette gaining greater popularity in all age groups. Really you can buy Electronic Cigarettes Kit for not more than 60 USD. Really the price is good, in comparison with

Stress directly affects the heart

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Man StressThis British study shows, spread over 10 thousand. According to the results of its people under the age of 50 who are subjected to daily stress in 70% more cases develop some cardio-vascular disease. The man who suffers from stress every day – at work or in their personal lives, have less time to travel and eat properly, still showing the data published in European Heart Journal. Early observations was placed back in the 60′s, but most results were collected after 1980 among surveyed have people of different ages and different backgrounds and professions – from owners of successful companies to sanitation and Messengers. To establish scientifically how patients feel in their environment, scientists have observed different outcomes such as heart rate, blood pressure, physical activity and strength of stress hormones – cortisol in their blood. Are reported and their diet, possible use of alcohol and cigarettes. For the whole period were recorded and incidence of cardiovascular diseases and their consequences. “Throughout all the years of observations we found that chronic stress leads directly to cardiovascular diseases and that connection becomes clearer in both sexes before the age of 50 years”, says team leader at the time Dr. Chandola Taranee by University College London.

Seasons affect cholesterol

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Cholesterol foodsThe Cholesterol level increases and decreases in winter in summer, suggesting the possibility of modifying any necessary treatment, say experts from the Cleveland Clinic following a study which recruited 517 men and women aged 20 to 70 years of age. Doctors say that women and patients with cholesterol levels above normal are more subject to seasonal changes. These data provide an explanation of all is to reduce cholesterol levels through diet and exercise, why cholesterol does not diminish in winter. Entirely possible reason, according to U.S. researchers for reducing cholesterol levels in the summer is to increase the volume of circulating blood, which occurred in the warm weather. Physical activity and reducing the mass of the body are capable of reducing cholesterol levels, namely in winter most people tend to increase weight, which is associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Studies show an average winter increase the level of cholesterol by 4 mg for men and with 5,4 mg for women. Seasonal fluctuations in the level of 11 mg for men and 18 mg for women have been found in patients with initially high levels of cholesterol – more than 240 mg.

How to prevent ourselves from flu

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Woman fluEach year at this time, experts advise to consider what steps to take to reduce the risk of influenza. How to prevent it, but if we have become sick, how to heal properly? Just now is the time to apply what many described as the “most effective weapon against the flu. It comes to vaccines. The optimal period is one month before the expected outbreak. In practice, you can always be vaccinated, but if late, you will receive only half of the possible effects. Of course, there are other ways to prevent or, where appropriate – for treatment.
How flu is different from the rest viruses
In essence, the flu is ARVI – acute respiratory viral illness. It can be caused by more than 200 different viruses, the symptoms are similar: fever, cough, scratch throat, fever … Focuses on the flu because it is the worst disease in this group (more precisely a disease associated with the most likely and complications) and may cause epidemics.

Is there an ideal age for motherhood

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

MotherThere is no question that it is better to be born children of young age, when the mother’s body has a maximum sustainable power and immunity. As regards the ideal age of a medical standpoint the optimal reproductive age women 20-35 years. And it has its explanation. At a young age the body’s future mother was not fully formed, so he is not ready to bear the global hormonal and physiological changes associated with pregnancy. Moreover, according to psychologists, the woman at the time of pregnancy must be formed and as a person to recognize and experience the feeling of motherhood and to forward your child’s life experience. That’s why comprehensive perspective of the ideal age for conception ranged between 22 and 30 years.

The sun health effect

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Sun Health EffectContinuous frighten us, but enjoy it because it is the best doctor. UV light helps in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, rheumatism and gout. Under the influence of their skin form of hormones that enhance the immune system. And vitamin E – indispensable for the absorption of calcium from the body. Sun kill bacteria, heal wounds. When the sun shines, we are all in good spirits. Under the influence of sunlight increases the production of sex hormones and endorphins – substances that relieve pain and produce euphoric sensations.
The sun drove fears. Depressed forest again begin to enjoy life.
To soothe the nerves and the daily stress can be overcome easily.
Summer sexual appetite is larger than in winter. This is a small fault gland in the brain called the pituitary. When the sun affect it through the optic nerve, it starts hard to produce sex hormones: testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

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