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Tips to calculate how much fats you have gained

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Woman EatingThe most people define the state of your body weight. But with age the body composition changes: muscle tissue is gradually replaced by fat. If a person not engaged in exercises to strengthen muscles, they become less and begin to accumulate fat. This is especially true for women. Withdrawal can not be a strong indicator of health and beauty. A more accurate “tool.” Many people resort to popular spreadsheets for the ratio between height and weight. But specialists in sports medicine stressed that these indicators do not give full information as to be recorded and the type of physique, reported magazine Prevention. Already appeared and tables reporting type build: lean, mean, wholesale. At the same height difference obtained from 5-6 pounds. But they are not sufficiently objective. To determine the amount of excess fat, you need to calculate the fat content of the general composition of the body. The certain amount of fat is vital for the proper functioning of the body – from 12 to 15% of the total mass of the body. Fat accumulated over that norm harm health and of course spoil the shape. The percentage of fat is estimated as follows: 10-20% – excellent, 20-25% – good, acceptable 25-30%, 30-35% – well, 40% or more – the comments were unnecessary. For men the rates were slightly lower because of the structure of the body of their gender.

Most successful low-calorie diets

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Vitamine SaladAfter losing weight, it can be maintained without necessarily follow a diet, says survey research organization in the field of healthy eating Lifespan. It involved over 6000 volunteers registered officially in the National Office of the Comptroller of the weight of the U.S. (National Weight Control Registry). All they have managed to remove at least 13.5 kilograms of weight and been able to retain it next year. The main aim is to clarify recent changes in successful recipes for weight loss and their popularity. The findings of the study show that to maintain one weight after weight loss is not required to comply with a diet. On the contrary – can feed and even desirable to be changed frequently without causing the accumulation of excess weight. The data show that 10 years ago the most popular recipe among participants in the study was the use of low-calorie food with minimal fat and regular exercise. Some weakened subsequently started another diet with more calories, but continued to engage in physical exercise. The experts say that people who have used in small quantities and very rarely called.

Understanding BMI and Xenical for Better Weight Loss

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Lose WeightWeight loss or slimming is not a cosmetic term anymore. Because of the growing incidence of weight-related health problems, everyone is taking it seriously and working on fat reduction. Regular exercise and a healthy eating habit can help you stay fit. Weight loss pills can also help you in many ways to reduce excess fat in the body. But the question is when should you seriously start thinking about fat reduction?
Understanding body mass index (BMI)
Body mass index is one of the primary indicators of overweight or obese conditions. An individual with a healthy BMI can dodge many potential health problems, including arthritis and heart conditions. It is a simple measurement which helps doctors determine if their patients need to work on losing or gaining weight.
A man of 6’5” with a body weight of 200 pounds does not appear to be overweight or obese, but a man of 5’8″ with the same body weight does look large. This is because a person’s height plays an important role in determining the condition of his body weight. The body mass index score takes into account both height and weight.
BMI = mass (lb) x 703/(height (inches))2
If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9, you are overweight and need to work on reducing body fats. But if your BMI is 30 or more, you are obese and should seek medical advice. Also remember that a low BMI is not a sign of respite either. People with BMI scores around 18 are considered to be underweight and are prone to develop many health conditions because of malnutrition.
Planning weight loss with Xenical orlistat
Once you know your BMI, it becomes easier to plan the next steps. If treatment is necessary, you can try out Xenical orlistat. It is a prescription weight loss pill recommended for treating overweight or obese conditions. This medicine works on the fat you consume through food and blocks one-third of it from being digested. For best results, you should take Xenical after each meal. But try to avoid high-calorie meals when you are on the orlistat therapy. Also, do not expect the medicine to work like magic. It may take up to 3 months to find out noticeable reduction in your body weight, provided you follow your doctor’s advice.
Xenical and body mass index
Even though a BMI score of 25 is a sign of being overweight, Xenical should not be taken unless it is 27 or more. So if your BMI is 25.9, you should try to reduce your weight without the help of orlistat. Talk to your doctor for more expert advice.
Why Xenical?
The medicine can be taken with other health conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or heart problems. Another unique thing about Xenical is that it does not restrict your eating options. You can eat anything you wish, as long as the food is not very high on calorie.
Talking to the doctor
Consultation with your doctor is the most important part of your weight loss regime with Xenical. Your doctor will prescribe the drug only if it is an appropriate weight loss program for you. So you need to provide the details of your present and past health conditions, along with the details of your daily diet and expectations from Xenical.
Article Source: Understanding BMI and Xenical for Better Weight Loss

5 simple tips to lose weight for the summer

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Woman FruitWeakening is not so easy task as it may seem to those who never challenged this view. The process involves first the presence of strong will and some deprivation which undoubtedly create discomfort. Anything better to talk about the nature of the festivities plump women, men still prefer slender. They subconsciously choose precisely such as human psychology is structured so – obesity is considered a health problem, but the husband wants a strong woman. Despite all the “variations” evolution is not can be defeated. Here are some tips, which are derived from practice and proven work:
1. Buy a scale
Although there are hundreds of ways to alleviate the number of people suffering from obesity, not reduced and the trend in our country proves it. Diets are not appropriate for all medicines and supplements are not effective enough, and for some even suspected harm. Exercise is a great way to weaken, but not all have the will or desire to do so. If you buy a scale (it is desirable that it be electronic), you may experience changes in their weight to the nearest 100 grams. Hauled every day at the same time, you can find out what makes you fill and what you contribute to weakening. This will help you control the effectiveness of different diets and methods to use.

4 tips for temporary losing weight

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

AppleWith just a little forethought and a few additional minutes you can be confident that you always have food handy useful. Thus weakening will become much easier process. It is possible to achieve your goals as you stick to a moderate, flexible and easy to follow diet, controlling calories, but also lets you eating your favorite foods. Try these 4 practice advice and no longer hungry:
1. Be prepared for hunger!
Eat 400 calories every 4 hours to quench hunger. When you eat throughout the day is less likely to overeat and hunger in the evening. So keep your blood sugar and (and energy) balanced metabolism – fast and mood – stable. All this leads to weight loss without effort.
Keep healthy long-term products (eg nuts) to hand in the drawer at work or in your bag to prevent excessive hunger and not succumbing to the temptation to eat food from which napalnyava.
2. Avoid the temptation in the supermarket!
What you bring home is what you will eat, so make sure you bring healthy things. Make a shopping list and stick to it when you go to the store. These lists will protect you from unplanned pillaging shelves with chips and sweets.

5 steps to healthy eating

Monday, April 26th, 2010

healthy eatingAccording to modern medical understanding of health has 3 main components: rational nutrition, physical activity and rational refusal of smoking. If one adheres to these principles, the data from the statistics show that they decreased by 2-3 times the risk of cardiovascular and cancer, which today are a major cause of premature death. Of course, in terms of overweight, there may be genetically determined disorder of fat metabolism, but it occurs earlier and is immediately noticeable. In most people, obesity is a consequence of Eating Disorders. All extreme diets that help overthrow the weight is not balanced and can be implemented quickly. However, this rule means a momentary effect. Most main meals at a reasonable approach. Health is primarily a sense of measure. Here are 10 steps that are proposed by scientists of our healthy eating. They had nothing sensational – they simply state the principles to which they must adhere to normalize weight and maintain their health longer possible.
Step 1: Healthy balanced diet should be based on a variety of products, mainly from vegetable rather than animal origin. There is no product that can provide our bodies all the necessary substances. The only exception is breast milk, which replaces the child until at least 6 months all other products. Therefore, nutrition must be as diverse. Observance of special diets is recommended only on a recommendation from a specialist.
Step 2: Bread, pasta dishes and potatoes should be eaten several times per day. Half the daily amount used, food must be covered by these products. Scientists do not agree that they are only a source of energy and carbohydrates. They also contain many other substances necessary for health: dietary fiber, mineral compounds, vitamins of group B and C. It is wrong and the opinion that these products contribute to the accumulation of fat. Indeed, the energy content of starch is much less than the same amount of fat or alcohol. Experts recommend to be used more bread, preferably whole-grain or black.

Proper metabolism depends on the type of food

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Diet ReviewsIn people with obesity always comes a time when the accumulated weight have increasingly greater impact on the appearance and activity of various organs. According to the specialists Dieting Tips, the unloaders days have effective only briefly. Why is that? This issue have tried to meet scientists from the American Institute of Nutrition and overweight. The results of their long and extensive study has confirmed the statement by many nutritionists believe that the secret of good figure is balanced metabolism. The Diet Reviews are telling that the lack of such balance and can lead to weight than normal, and extreme weakness. The main problem with nutritionists to give universal advice on diet comes from the individual characteristics of each organism. Everyone absorb nutrients differently and therefore consumes energy so accumulated. It is quite easy to normalize your weight with Colon Cleansing, which are balancing your metabolism. In slower absorption of energy expenditure is lower, namely unspent calories cause weight per person to rise, even if it is fed plenty. Experts advise in this case the food to dominate small amounts of carbohydrates and more rapid processing proteins (poultry, fish). Other suitable people for this kind of foods are soy products, those containing many fiber (carrots, beets, bad, cucumbers) and various milk derivatives, but with lower fat content. People whose body has accelerated metabolism, respectively “burn” faster energy. Scientists say this is due to a higher level of adrenaline and thyroid hormones in the body.

Why Japanese cuisine is considered as healthy?

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Japanese dishThe nutrition in the Land of the Rising Sun features an age-old traditions, many of which have remained unchanged for centuries. The Japanese believe that it can truly created miracles: healing and rejuvenation of the body. It is believed that the Japanese diet may increase stamina, strengthen the impoverished health and literally make a man forget about age. Although in recent years the Japanese are increasingly interested in European dishes, they remain supporters of traditional Japanese cuisine products: rice, vegetables, fish and seafood. Japanese cuisine continues to retain its unique character. It is characterized by the dominance of plant protein and fat intake are primarily of marine products – in a word, it is low calorie. What exactly are the basic rules of nutrition in Japan.
Rule № 1: small portions
Each of us can eat as much food and for a short time so that it is difficult to realize how much is actually held.
Japanese eat small meals and this is of benefit not only the body but also for aesthetic perception. So if you’re fans of good nutrition, but still you can not abstain in quantities change their dishes – small plates will be very difficult for displaying large amounts of food. Thus, during the first week will reduce the amount of portions of okolo1 / 5 in a second – with 1 / 4. So after 3-4 weeks without any effort would have reduced the usual portion twice before. Moderation in the diet really is the foundation of good health. “To eat less” – this is the formula for deliverance from all diseases, occurring as a result of saturation and poisoning.

Deficiency of vitamins increases the risk of diabetes

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Vitamins DiabetesDiabetes is a condition that is usually characterized by an elevated level of sugar (glucose) in blood. One problem is that glucose can interact through the biochemical process (glycation) to tissues in the body, which can damage tissues and lead to complications. Namely glycation is a major cause of the problems associated with diabetes, including nerve damage, loss of eyesight or heart disease. A new study by researchers from the University of Essex in Colchester, United Kingdom shows that there is another potential mechanism that causes complications in diabetes. The results, published in the journal Diabetes showed that patients with diabetes is very characteristic deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine). In patients with diabetes by type of first and second levels of vitamin B1 in the blood is reduced by 3 / 4. Low levels of vitamin B1 can be explained by an increase in its loss through the kidneys. Deficiency causes deterioration of appetite, fatigue, muscle aches, paralysis of the arm or leg, difficulty walking, heart failure. Many of these problems are well known complications of diabetes.

5 tips for feeding in stress days

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

CoffeeAs we engaged in, the harder it is to find time to take care of themselves. And very soon, healthy eating habits remain in the background. That’s why we selected these 25 very easy to follow rules for healthy eating – they allow you to eat properly even in the days when they are so busy that driving on autopilot. If you follow them, you will immediately get seven meals a day, fruit and vegetables, all the calcium you need, many fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, abundant antioxidants and many other useful substances. And this will reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, heart failure and diabetes, will have more energy, a fresh mind and you will avoid infections in the urinary system.
First: Suppose that is a normal workday and you’re more busy than ever. Now try our simple advice!
Healthy nutrition tips: 6:00: Wake up. For the last time you disconnect the alarm and feeling the walls are the way to the kitchen:

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