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Yoghurt is good for gums

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

YoghurtIf you regularly consume yogurt or other Yoghurt products will substantially improve the condition of your mouth, Japanese researchers believe. Dr. Yoshihiro Shimazaki and colleagues are clear that yoghurt and other products containing lactic acid, affect good health and are not included in dispute with useful products.Been carried out two studies. During the first found that periodontitis (inflammation) suffer fewer people who regularly consumed dairy products. But still not sure to explain why this is so. During the second survey specialists compare the degree of development of periodontitis in men and 942 women aged dairy products compared with those who enjoy good health.

Sick teeth can hurt all authorities

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

TeethOf certain bacteria in the mouth outbreak or toxic substances are sprayed on the body for long periods in the blood or lymph nodes along the nerves. Thus irritant reach other organs and can cause severe inflammation, for example, heart, lung, brain or joints. Often appear in large yeast deposits as eye, liver, colon, or even infections in the throat and pharynx, or in related tissue may be due to bacteria. If they grow unhindered in the blood, there is a threat of lethal blood poisoning. Initial outbreaks of these diseases are often chronic inflammation in the tooth root. They may arise through unilateral pressure on certain teeth or caries-deep through our pits. Sometimes the bacteria are hiding and killed teeth (eg after treatment of roots), because there immune system can not harm them, go target positions where the tooth is removed. But no fear! Because it usually does not happen inwardly. Toothache, swelling, fever and sometimes thickened lymph nodes on the bottom of the mouth and throat are often a sign of such bacterial outbreaks.

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