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Fat WomanMost people define the state of his body by weight. But with age the body composition changes: muscle tissue is gradually replaced by fat. If a person does not engage in exercises to strengthen muscles, they become less and begin to accumulate fat. This is particularly true for women. Withdrawals may not be convincing indicator of health and beauty. Needed is more accurate “tool.” Many people resort to the common tables of the ratio between height and weight. But sports medicine specialists emphasize that these indicators do not give full information as to take into account the type and build, reports magazine Prevention. Have appeared, and tables, taking into account the type of build: lean, medium, large. In the same growth rate is obtained difference of 5-6 pounds. But they are not sufficiently objective. To determine the amount of excess fat, you need to calculate the fat content of the overall composition of the body. Certain amount of fat is vital for normal functioning of the body – from 12 to 15 percent of the total mass of the body. Fat accumulated over this rule affect the health and of course spoil the shape. The percentage of fat is estimated as follows: 10-20% – excellent, 20-25% – good, acceptable 25-30%, 30-35% – well, 40% or more – the comments are unnecessary. Men indicators are somewhat lower because of the structure of the body of their gender.
There are two basic ways to calculate the concentration of fat:
1. By tailoring
Measurement using the sartorial m waist (just above the navel) and hips (at their widest part). The ratio of these two “risk areas” is an accurate indicator of the condition of the body. Of course, if the ratio increases, fat is accumulated if it reduced – fat is lost. Divide the width of the waist width of the hips. No matter how individual body structure, the resulting number should not exceed 0,8. Otherwise, you should seriously think about reducing fat.
2. Through the so-called. “Clipping” of the skin
inch with the thumb and forefinger skin fold at the back of the shoulder (a little higher than the armpits). Let your skin, but do not alter the position of the fingers. The distance between them should be measured with a line and you will receive the depth of wrinkles. If it is more than 2,5 cm below the skin means extra fat. It is time to take action. Yet there is no more truthful and accurate method of rising to the mirror.

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