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Training WomanYou are so busy that there is absolutely no time to sport? You are wrong. Although we live in a world filled exclusively with work stress, tension and family obligations, we can still find the time, even less for a certain amount of sport in our hectic lives. To stimulate your creativity, we offer 10 tips for busy people to say:
1. When you wake up, do 10 minute workout. Choose only three exercises to perform properly for 10 minutes without stopping. For example, on Monday to do “easier” push-ups, followed by crunches and attacking forward on Tuesday to lend a hand shrub thighs, lifting the legs of the supine position and push-ups with your hands a little distance from each other (for the triceps).
2. Hectic move to work and back. If you takes 10 minutes to walk somewhere, try to do it for 8. If you do not need to go, Be creative – stay on board one stop sooner than the bus or park farther away from work.
3. If you have stairs in the block house or workplace, use them instead of the elevator. The more often you upload them, the better for your health and figure.
4. While standing in one place, from time to time you can play called. isometric exercises tighten the muscles. For example, while you’re seated, your abdominal muscles abbreviate for 30 seconds, making sure to breathe normally. In this way you can train almost any greater muscle group in the body. Contrary to expectations these exercises are quite effective. Do them several times a week and you will feel the difference.
5. Invest in several Euro pedometer (pedometer). This is a small device using, which can measure the distance walking distance. Try each week to travel a little more.
6. In the evening you are totally exhausted and just want to be in front of the TV. Before that, try this technique: take a 5-minute break from the TV in which to burn extra calories and strengthen muscles. During those five minutes can do crunches, and then to return to TV viewing. Take several breaks during which Train different muscle group.
7. Take two steps at once. This will train both legs and seat muscles.
8. Perform the above advice with a friend. Almost certainly you can find someone in a similar situation with such a desire – a friend who wants to train and weakening of fun and entertainment. His support will motivate you further and this will make you more creative in finding time for exercise.
Already guessed that described above tips will make your Olympic athlete or the next Mr. Olympia, but that is not their goal. However, if you are used to keep some of them will give the start of something good and useful.

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