Beware of the blood sugar level

Heath Blood SugarToday more and more people suffer from diabetes and required to regularly monitor your blood sugar. Most of them believe that the lower is this index, the better. Those who correctly understood the principles of low-calorie diets believe that reducing the glucose content in the body will lead to healing or weight loss. Some even take preparations for reducing sugar. All these “measures” conducive to the reduction in blood glucose below the minimum recommended level to which the body has adapted and cause a serious condition – hypoglycemia.
Brain can not function without carbohydrates and use more glucose than other organs. A healthy body regulates this process during a night’s sleep and even during prolonged fasting. The concentration of glucose in the blood is maintained at the expense of the continuous decay of the stock of polysaccharides in the liver. But many diseases and unhealthy lifestyles can trigger the syndrome, known as hypoglycemia.
The main symptoms of hypoglycemia are:
• profuse sweating,
• strong sense of hunger,
• severe fatigue,
• tremor,
• Sometimes – headache,
• yawning,
• tingling of the lips and fingers.
Hypoglycemia may signal serious disease (malignant neoplasms in the pancreas and hypothalamus, adrenal insufficiency and other autoimmune or endocrine diseases). One of the most common causes of hypoglycemia is increased production of insulin, which reduces blood sugar. This condition usually develops several years before the beginning of diabetes. Increased production exhausts the insulin cells of the pancreas which leads to a distortion of tolerance to glucose.
Several hours after the use of dessert lovers of sweets in before diabetes state may experience symptoms of hypoglycemia.

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