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Health TravelThe successful vacation time is nice, pleasant companion, but certainly they will not get sick from some exotic disease. It is not enough simply to satisfy the requirements of the country, which is going to depart. The official regulations are far from covering all health hazards associated with their atypical for our region diseases. And one of the features in this case is that the body you can not build any immunity against them, ie it is extremely vulnerable.
1. Hepatitis vaccine
The virus is transmitted by dirty hands, contaminated water, products and containers are washed with such water. Infection from the stomach into the bloodstream, reaching the liver. Originally person feels fatigue, nausea and other symptoms typical of poisoning and simple. But unfortunately appears rather surest symptom of Hepatitis – yellowing of the skin. If you are planning a holiday in India or other Asian countries or intend to go in Africa, must make its vaccine. The first dose of it, which is made two weeks before departure will protect you for 6-18 months. The second is introduced after half a year – it will create immunity against hepatitis A for 15-20 years.
2. Vaccine against meningococcal infection
Without it you can not go as in most Arab countries. It is desirable and if you are going to travel to some countries in Western Europe, especially Britain. The virus is transmitted through droplets way. The disease begins like a common cold, but then appears severe headache, paralyzed muscles, increased temperature. Patient and may lose consciousness. The vaccine should be made at least 2 weeks before departure. It protects the body from meningitis for a period of 3-5 years.
3. Encephalitis vaccine
If you plan to travel to central Europe, it is desirable to make such a vaccine, if your goal is a country in the Middle and Far East – it is mandatory. Consistently bring the two doses of vaccine with an interval of 1 month. If you do not have much time interval can be reduced to two weeks. To receive the third dose lasting immunity should be introduced after 9-12 months.
4. Japanese encephalitis vaccine
It must be kept particularly in areas of the world where rice is grown a lot since midgets who prnasyat virus reproduce exactly the rice fields. This infection does not threaten you in Japan (where ever it came to its name) and in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Nepal and China. The standard vaccine consists of 3 doses to be introduced on schedule: 1 day, 7 days and 30 days after the first dose. Accelerated schedule is 3 doses on day 1, 7 th and 14 th day. Two doses of vaccine, introduced with an interval of one week, we guarantee 80% protection. The last dose should be introduced no later than 10 days before departure.
5. Rabies vaccine
After a wild animal bites must seek medical attention. According to statistics from 100 dogs in the Middle and Far East 3-4 are sick with rage. The vaccine is introduced on schedule 3 times: 1, 7 and 21 (or 28 days). It will protect you for three years but must be done no later than one month before departure.
6. Typhoid vaccine
Illness caused by salmonella – a group of microorganisms that fall in the body with contaminated water and products. The vaccine is desirable when traveling in Asia, Africa, Australia and Eastern Europe. Is a sufficient vaccine placed 1-2 weeks prior to departure. Immunity acquired 75-90% of vaccinated for a period of 3-5 years.
7. Yellow fever vaccine
Yellow fever virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. The first signs of disease appear 3-6 days after the bite. Treatment only removes the symptoms: fever, headache, muscle aches, vomiting. The vaccine is mandatory for travelers in Africa, Central Africa, South America, the Philippines, Haiti. The only immunization is best to make at least one month before departure (in extreme cases – 7 days before it). The vaccine will protect you for 10 years.

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