5 tips for feeding in stress days

CoffeeAs we engaged in, the harder it is to find time to take care of themselves. And very soon, healthy eating habits remain in the background. That’s why we selected these 25 very easy to follow rules for healthy eating – they allow you to eat properly even in the days when they are so busy that driving on autopilot. If you follow them, you will immediately get seven meals a day, fruit and vegetables, all the calcium you need, many fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, abundant antioxidants and many other useful substances. And this will reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, heart failure and diabetes, will have more energy, a fresh mind and you will avoid infections in the urinary system.
First: Suppose that is a normal workday and you’re more busy than ever. Now try our simple advice!
Healthy nutrition tips: 6:00: Wake up. For the last time you disconnect the alarm and feeling the walls are the way to the kitchen:
1. Drink orange juice with added calcium. If you start your day with a glass of orange juice, do not miss the chance to obtain and calcium. It prevents PMS, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. And even help you lose weight! Most orange juice and grapefruit with added calcium, containing much of it as milk – or even more!
2. Drained a multivitamin tablet. It is proven that people who drink daily supplements and multivitamins and minerals, significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart disease, research suggests. Another benefit: Folic acid is absorbed multivitamin 2 times easier than if her accumulated through the food.
3. Eat breakfast cereal containing at least 7 g fiber per portion because it is the easiest way to obtain fiber with very little food. Not only that fiber is struggling with cancer but also protect against obesity. For example, if you eat 30 g of fiber a day (or almost twice the average in statistics), your body will absorb 120 calories less per day.
4. Add some blueberries to your breakfast grain. Even frozen berries are so rich in antioxidants that are only half a glass of increased antioxidant effect of most diets. Some studies show that work well and brain activity.
5. Make your coffee with milk. If you make coffee with hot water, all that achieved was to wake up. Use milk and here is your latte – plus that protect against osteoporosis (due to calcium and vitamin D in milk).

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